2 Bartending Apps to Get Your Cocktail Parties Started

2 Bartending Apps to Get Your Cocktail Parties Started

Don’t Let the Revelry Stop with Cocktail Flow

cocktail flow android Your cupboard’s full of booze but you have no idea what cocktail to make? Planning a cocktail party but you just can’t get the drinking menu sorted? For most of us, the idea of making homemade cocktails amounts to pouring some vodka into coke with a dash of lemon. But now, you no longer have to hire a professional bartender to throw a happening party or stick to vodka and coke; because if you love cocktails, then you are in for a treat. Say hello to one of the finest bartending apps ever conceived – Cocktail Flow. Cocktail Flow is the ultimate guide to every cocktail imaginable. The app is great for learning about cocktails, making drinks at home or choosing one when you are out on the town. Whether you are cocktail connoisseur or a novice, this app will help you serve everybody’s favorite libation. cocktail flow menu The Cocktail Flow Android app respects the user’s privacy by not asking to link it to Facebook or Twitter accounts on installation. The app flaunts a grand set of features and even a more impressive list of cocktails. The home screen of this app displays all the tabs to get the user started. Other than relationship advice, the most common request a bartender gets is “Surprise Me”. The app has also has a “Surprise Me” feature which does exactly the same and randomly picks a cocktail from the database. The Cocktail Flow Android app always breaks down the cocktail in 3 parts- first the cocktail, then the preparation and finally all other similar cocktails. So if the user liked the taste of a particular cocktail and the resultant hangover isn’t too catastrophic, then you can look for similar drinks with a few variations. Next is “Categories” that lets the user browse through all the cocktails. Users can also search for a cocktail by the basic alcoholic content, the color of the drink or the type. The “Packages” tab lets users add new cocktails to the database. There are themed packages like St.Patricks Day, Valentines Day, Christmas and etc. that make it easy to throw a themed party. The app is not only good-looking but also clever. The Cocktail Flow app has a superbly designed virtual cabinet where users can mark the illustrated cocktail ingredients they have at home by tapping on the bottle and Cocktail Flow will tell them what drinks they can make from them. cocktail flow options It also suggests another list of drinks that users can make if they add one or two items to the home bar. The cabinet contains a large number of spirits, liquors and mixers and more are added as users install more packages. It is all very beautifully illustrated and animated. The application also offers shopping advice on further ingredients to buy to make more recipes based on the contents of the cabinet. It shows the user an approximate of the damage that would be done to the wallet before he sets foot into the store. Like most apps, users can search for a cocktail through the search box and mark a cocktail as their favorite by clicking on the star icon next to the name. The app offers a guide explaining the essentials needed to get started creating the perfect cocktail – from bar tools to garnishing techniques. This app is as chic as a Cosmopolitan and easy on the eyes like a Martini. Whether you are a true bartender or playing one at the next party, the Cocktail Flow Android app will make sure you are the life of the party and keep the revelry flowing on all night long. Why go to those expensive bars and splurge when you can have a bartending bible in your pocket that would make those bars jealous of your skills.

Mix it up with Bartender

bartender browse Want to make an impression on your date the next time you both have a dinner date at home with your cocktail making skills?  Or do you want to be the life of the next party by preparing eclectic and delicious cocktails for everyone? Well, you can do it all without the need for bartending classes. All you have to do is download the Bartender Android app on your smartphone and you are just a few steps away from being a cocktail connoisseur. The Bartender Android app acts as your personal assistant for cocktail preparations. It contains over 50 recipes and covers everything from the popular Manhattan to the not so sought-after chocolate martini. Whether you are an experienced bartender or a party animal looking to try a new drink or just a cocktail enthusiast, this app has something for everyone. The app is great if you are at a party trying to impress people with your bartending skills or when you are left at the mercy of whatever random liquors and mixers you have to prepare a drink. On downloading the Bartender app, users will need to wait for few minutes, as the app needs to load a colossal collection of lovely alcoholic beverages and sort them in alphabetical order. There are three tabs inside the app that make it easy for the user to navigate through the app get started with the preparations. The first tab, “Browse”, offers an extensive list of tasty, hard, sour and sweet drinks and clicking on any particular drink bartender drinksopens up a small window that displays the preparation details. The only downfall is that the app lacks the ability of scrolling alphabetically and users have to scroll through the entire list to look for drinks. Users can sort the drinks library either by their name or their rating just by clicking on the “Settings” tabs in the menu bar. Users can also add a drink to the list by clicking on the “Add Drink” button. Adding a drink lets the user give it a name, select a glass type, list the ingredients used in that drink, the amount required of each ingredient and the instructions for mixing it. It helps bring your inner bartender to life. If a user likes a particular drink, he can even favorite it by simply pressing on its listed name on your app homescreen for a long time. All the drinks marked favorite can be found under the second tab named “Favorites”. Users can search for a particular drink through the “ Search” tab that offers great help to any mixologist. Users can search for drinks on the basis of one or more ingredients. Users to could change the search type to either drinks containing that ingredient or drinks that can be made from that ingredient. The “Drinks containing…” mode lists down all drink recipes containing at the ingredient you have picked. On the other hand, the “Drinks that can be made from…” mode is used to find drink recipes that can fully be made from the ingredients picked by the user. This feature is of great help when you have a few ingredients at home and don’t know what drink you can make out of it. The Bartender Android app is definitely packed with all the right features to help one find the cocktail of choice for themselves and their guests. It analyzes all the alcohols and ingredients you have to give you a detailed list of recipes that will help you prepare these cocktails the right way. Download this app and sit back, sip and enjoy!

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