2 Radio Apps That Will Enchant the Audiophile Within You

2 Radio Apps That Will Enchant the Audiophile Within You


The Rad.io app designed by Radio.de is a feature packed app that is more like an all in one app for radio stations across the globe. Of all the radio apps on the Android space, what makes this app in particular so special is the fact that it amalgamates a little something from every other elite radio app in the market.

Well it’s not exactly that unique in comparison to other radio apps on Google Play Store; however, the simple idea of the features, that help make this app worth mentioning when it comes to radio apps for Android. Rad.io is a well-structured app that will ensure you have all your radio needs all in one place, and if you’ve seen other apps in the radio genre across the Play Store what you will see is an easy simulation of everything in one place.

The Rad.io app in its green and black interface gives you everything to listen to with genres ranging from:images

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Ballad
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Grunge
  • Blues
  • EDM
  • Fusion
  • Electronic House
  • House
  • Love
  • Digital
  • Discovery
  • Chill out

and many more to choose from. The list being endless you can add in any of these stations as our favourites in the favourites bar.

Here the Rad.io app features divides the tab into three main categories.

These are the favourites that are marked by you.

In addition to this, it also has the favourites tab that has been marked by the team at the back end so that you can make the best choice with recommendations from the editorial team.

Finally, you have the history that traces back your path to tell you where all you have been and what all you listened to. Use this especially when you forgot a song you wanted to listen to.

The lists of radio frequencies are also available in a list view with the thumbnails of the radio station up there for you to notice.

A volume control in the middle of the screen that can also be alternatively accessed from the side bar of the volume knobs on the phone also has been added.

The Rad.io app also helps you out with local radio stations form your area so that you can get the best of the music in your locality. The app also provides the popular widget compatibility, which is something that every avid app user lobbies to have simply as it is easy to use and makes it a less of a tedious task to go all the way into the app while looking for some good music.

Ahead of that, use the Rad.io app to wake you up to some really new good music with the alarm feature integrated so you have a nice start to the morning.

The Rad.io app also gives you similar stations to select from as it recommends the stations depending on the genre and kind of artist music that’s playing on the phone.

With all features clubbed onto one coherent screen including heard last, editorial recommendations, your individual favorites, stations from your current region and the top 100.

You can navigate instantly to what you heard last, skip to editorial recommendations, or hop over to your individual favorites. You can pick stations from your current region and the top 100 list will give you the hottest tunes to turn your ears towards.

Add in the sleep timer and you have yourself a 4.3 star-rated super radio app for the Android platform that is the dream of every audiophile.

XIIALive  Internet Radio

The music experience that the Android platform offers to you is highly overwhelming and there is just so much to explore it almost will make up for an entire lifetime just to hear each and every song featured on each of these apps.

XIIALive from the makers being the Visual Blasters LLC have here, come up with a solid user friendly intuitive and interactive app for music for all the lovers of music in the house. With a simplistic interface and not too fancy and in the face kind of graphics what you have is an app that won’t take too much if your time while learning it.

8device2The main features of the XIIALive app that appear on the home screen are:

  • Top Hits
  • Genres
  • Search
  • Favourites
  • Player
  • History
  • Directions
  • Settings

Though the settings may be simple the interface to a large extent gives you a feel of an Radio Jockey with the designing on the app created to give you that feel.

The main screen on entering the listening page is split into 3 whole sections.

The top most being the swipe-category section.

So for instance you are on the Player category, you can horizontally swipe the screen and to reach a different category and click o it to enter it.

Below that is the main player of the screen. It tells you the station that is playing and on what frequency

What you also get is the bandwidth and the speed at which the data is being received, and then the name of the artist for you to keep a track of what is playing for future listening places.

You can also share, tag and broadcast the song directly through the app so that everyone else too can know what you are listening to.

The options tab from there too allows you to look for multiple other settings.

In addition to this, you can control the volume from the main screen and below that you have the Stop and Pause button and the next and backward song option.

Below that finally is the streaming option and the bar that shows what part of the song is playing.xiialive

You also have a list of top hits from the charts that are curated by DJ’s across the app at the back end for you to get the best musical experience.

Further, the white color interface of the XIIALive app can be inverted and changed to black as the app supports two opposite in colour themes for extreme set of users,

There’s not much in terms of the themes for the app besides these two. The equalizer for expert users, allows them to fiddle around with the sound to get the best listening experience customized to their tastes.

The XIIALive app has over 50,000 radio stations and powered by Shout Cast it will never let you down. While looking for songs if you don’t find it here, Shout Cats will direct you to other areas where you may just find the song you are looking for.

The XIIALive app helps you fall asleep with the timer and stations to select from to put you to sleep. It completes the cycle by giving you a descending sound alarm too. This feature-packed app gives you a whole lot to explore and will make sure you stay tuned into it for hours on end. Get it for free on your Android device by downloading it from Google Play Store today!

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