2 Self-Grooming Apps for Men of the Android World

2 Self-Grooming Apps for Men of the Android World

Tie Deluxe

The tie on a suit is equivalent to the red most cherry on a cake and when done right, even the redness within the tie tends to speak so much about the suit. With a little suspicion on the existence of such an app, the Android platform brings to you yet another app that will make life easy and lead the way to a set of yet another list of easy to-do life hacks that makes having an Android device so much easier than being deprived of it.

Tie Deluxe is one of the most comprehensive and well-structured app that maketh a man; well almost maketh. It teaches you how to step-by-step master the art of the perfect triangle or the mighty exquisite bow tie and the faultless fall on the tie.

For most of the individuals on the Android space knowing how to tie a tie is a great turn on for people around so, so fasten your tie knots and get ready to sweep the world off their feet.tie deluxe 2

Once you enter the app, the cool white and blue interface displays the list of tie styles to your left and the display to the right in large in case of the mobile device centers the screen.

Within the list itself you have the different kinds of collars that the shirt would go on and alongside that a blank star so that you could favourite it.

It also shows you the number of steps that it would take to complete the process of the suit.

There are in a total of 13 different styles and they are:-

  • Simple,
  • Double,
  • Small,
  • Half Windsor,
  • Windsor,
  • Kelvin,
  • Saint Andrew,
  • Pratt,
  • Balthus,
  • Neoclassical,
  • Cross,
  • Cavendish,
  • Atlantic
  • and of course a bow-tie

Each of these are demonstrated step by step and these could be in the form of a video where each step is shown one by one.

The videos are more like an animation that can be displayed step by step in seconds from 2,3,5 and 10; this depending on the speed and comprehension of the user.

If you would like to see images, you can opt for that and images will fill your screen.

Here you can also chose the navigation style with the back-front buttons, Simple swipe/fling of the finger or left and right invisible areas.

The app also makes it easier by showing you an actual and a mirror image set of instructions so that you never go wrong and further avoid all sorts of confusion.

What can also happen is you lost a count or aren’t able to trace a step back or front so what you can do here is use the ascending and descending step count so that you can track yourself form wherever you were in case you got stuck.

So there you go; the ultimate man maker on the android space, the tie deluxe app that’ll assist you in setting up yourself for the dressiest of functions on the planet.

Tie a Scarf and Shawl

It’s trendy. It’s cool. And those in denial will find themselves disagreeing with their old thought process when you put on a scarf that matches with your clothes in the coldest of times and coolest of atmospheric weathers. Tie a scarf and Shawl will show you the best ways of looking better than you are with a comprehensive list of scarf types right from ‘Sherlock style’ to the famous Englishman attire specific scarf to the conventional styles of putting on a shawl. The app is designed to make you perfect with tying up those knots in style

tie scarf

A piece of fabric cloth strapped around the neck in a trendy way is a form of art that is used in cold weather or the rainy season or other such inclement weather to look dressy and/or to protect oneself from the external conditions that prevail. This app shows you how to do both with 18 different styles in the free version and 22 more in the pro version.

With a blue and white interface the app sets itself in a list of different styles for you to scroll from with the image of the style to the left in the form of a thumbnail.

Before going into the functionality and features of the Tie a Scarf and Shawl app, let us take a look at the how-to’s and what-alls in terms of the styles available for your convenience in this catalogue.tie-a-scarf-and-shawl-pro-5-0-s-307x512

  1. Ascott
  2. double Ascott
  3. Bow Tie
  4. Biedermeier
  5. madam justice
  6. Western
  7. neck Tie knot
  8. Kurfurstendamm
  9. four in hand
  10. croissant knot
  11. lola
  12. fake knot
  13. simple knot 4
  14. coco Shanel
  15. simple knot
  16. simple knot 2
  17. infinity
  18. loop and tuck
  19. french knot
  20. cape wrap
  21. double knot wrap
  22. Windsor
  23. braided loop knot
  24. regular
  25. knotted scarf
  26. knotted loop
  27. wrap and Tie
  28. Bandit
  29. simple knot 3
  30. cowboy
  31. half Bow
  32. fancy braid
  33. knot Row
  34. muffler
  35. tuck Around
  36. Ascott
  37. hollywood hills
  38. buckaroo knot
  39. woven knot

The above set of styles are available for you to explore and tie to help serve your stylish needs till the end of the season, and perhaps even for the next ones.

Once you click on the styles, you are taken into the ‘how to’ screen where you can easily figure out how to go about the tie. Each step is highlighted slowly and one by one so that you never go wrong.

The steps are in order of the tie and you can scroll from left to right to figure out and see conclusively each step in the process of a perfect knot.

The Tie a Scarf and Shawl Android app has fairly been explored on the Play Store and has an average rating of about 4.5 stars. So far, the downloads are in the range of 100,000 and above and it is merely 10 MB in download size. With an Android compatibility of OS 2.1 and above, you’re good to go on this app with almost any Android device.

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