3 Android Games That Will Test Your Wits & Entertain You Simultaneously

3 Android Games That Will Test Your Wits & Entertain You Simultaneously

Word Search Puzzle

What comes as one of the ultimate most apps for the Word lovers and crossword puzzlers, Word Search Puzzle is an ultimate treat. Remember those days of finding words in the daily newspapers and back of books? Well, they can all come alive now on your Android screen.

This interesting Android game will help you in improving your scanning skills whilst reading will render your searching and scanning skills lethal and formidable. Word Search Puzzle thus is a simple app that consists of a grid with hidden words and these words are to be found amidst a swarm of scattered letters. Bring back memories? Well if it does then the app is the best way to relive what you once enjoyed as a kid.

The Word Search Puzzle app is designed with a solid interface and with a brownish sand colour offers multiple word search features.

The objective of the game is simple and universal. All you have to do look for hidden words and you’re well on track.

The fun element though in the game is that it has something for everyone.

With this being said, the genres of Categories that have words to be searched for range from:-

  • Daily list of words that are updated everyday
  • Dictionary to refine you English while you look for words
  • Hollywood with stars and their names to look for
  • Music with starts and songs and bands to look for.
  • Kids
  • Around the world
  • Personalities

The categories are as listen above and each of them have unique list of words.

On starting the Word Search Puzzle app, these unique words as per their respective category are displayed below the grid that is dull for words.

All you have to do is look at the words and them find and locate them in the list. Once you do so, swipe your hand over the word and the word will colour out indicating that you have spotted the word.

This is similar to when you would draw a circle around the words that you found when you played the same name in the book. Only the case in this game is that the word gets a colour to it and subsequently the word from the list below gets blackened out through a dash, this indicating again that you ticked the word off the list.

You can mark games as well when they appear in the list when you are selecting form within a category.

This meaning that when you are about to start the game a start can be marked showing that this was one of your favourite rounds.

Further to implement the global element of the game, the Word Search Puzzle app is available in multiple languages and not only English so as to attract the native speaking population form countries that speak languages like:-

– Spanish

– French

– German

– Italian

– Portuguese

– Indonesian

Additionally, the Word Search Puzzle app enjoys great support with a promising 4.4 stars average rating on Google Play Store space through reviewers and great comments from users who have played it too.

With thousands of downloads on the app piling up already, don’t be too late to the party and join the clan to become one of the many skilled word searchers.

Hangman Free

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The infamous game that we’ve all been playing right since we were kids and the game was made known to us makes it way to the Android screen. Hangman, the game of guessing and not letting go of your man form hanging through a thin string gets you playing and guessing has now arrived to thrill on the Android space.

The game is quite the time killer but if used correctly, even those apps used to kill time can eventually turn out to be easy and fun to be around with. These can also be used for utility purposes in order to eventually make some use of the time invested in it.

This app created by Optime Software, has an interface just like blackboard in school that gets you remembering the ways you killed time in school as a kid, unless of course you still are a school kid reading this who also uses their phone to play games to kill time.

The game is simple, and gives you an option to either play alone in the one player mode or against another player who could be your friend or just a random opponent.

The interface and look of the app will get you addicted to the game straight from the word go.

You can start a new game from the top right on the bar at the top of the game.

Below that lies your man who hangs above the gallows only for you and your wit and language power to save him from becoming victim to the hungry depths of the unforgiving underworlds below.

Besides that is the name of the two players highlighting the name of the player whose turn it is.

Separated by a vertical chalk drawing lies the word for you to guess and below that in faintly drawn chalk letterings are the alphabets from, well the alphabet.

All you have to do is now to guess the word and save your man and the game is yours.

Before you start off the game you can select the word list that you would like.

This includes the following:

  • Easy
  • Standard
  • Hard
  • Animals
  • Food
  • Geography
  • Holidays
  • SAT

So further to the conventional form of the game the developers go that extra mile to get you to learning through the game too so that you can learn and expand your knowledge when your actual intention was to wile away some free time.

What the game also has is the sound effects and the gallows below that actually do exist.

The sound effects accompany you through the game giving you the true feel of hanging above deep abyss and the gallows open up and close.

All of this is happening as per your will and you can turn this off from the setting directly.

The game being about 4.1 MB in size for download, has majority of its ratings in the highest range of 5 stars, giving it 4.1 stars as an average rating.

The graphics and the interface being smooth would automatically make this game a good contender amongst its peers.

IQ Test Preparation


So you’re the brainy kinds and you miss those tests you took as a college student whilst preparing for your exams. You also miss those days when you thought you were way smarter than you are now. In fact for some of you reading this, you may even be in the stage of taking these exams. What do you do when you’re in the mood to sharpen those skills and delve into the cerebral cortex of your brain when you have no books around you. All you need to do is look into your Android device and check out the IQ Test Preparation on Google Play Store.

The IQ Test Preparation app that reinstates the photo of Albert Einstein, the man behind e = mc^2 on the app description on Google Play Store, gets you thinking a lot and eventually leaves you with a few thoughts that makes you think, you were that smart all along.

The app opens up in a brownish interface of pale wood colour that is pretty neat to look at once opened. The following appears on the front page:-

  • About IQ
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Preparation
  • Take Test
  • About the app
  • Exit

The app created by IT Brains, first tells you through the About IQ what the intellectual quotient is all about and what it does to your thinking and how you can improve it, the app being one of the obvious ways of doing so.

The sections and categories that divide the questions within the app are as follows. All of these are from different branches of academia each of which test different parts of your brain so as to get you thinking and improving your skills of thinking in no time.

  • Sequences
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Relationships
  • Clocks and Calendars
  • Directions
  • People and Arrangements
  • Time speed and distance
  • Time and Date
  • Work Profit and loss
  • Age problems

and a whole lot more.

The best part of the IQ Test Prep app is that before you get into it, it allows you to prepare for the tests that you are up for and for this you have the tips and tricks section.

It gives you mighty insightful tips which help you not only for the app but in your daily life as well.

The interface of the IQ Test Preparation app is neat and clean and has graphics that get you on the mood to work and think straight way.

The mental arithmetic tips are extremely easy to understand and this has great intrinsic value too.

The questions appear page by page and you can scroll through it one at a time so that you have enough time to concentrate on each question and don’t get distracted by pictures of the other.

At the end the app explains detailed answers so you know where you went wrong if at all you did.

The result at the end gives you a percentage of the marks and the correct percentage as well.

The report at the end is visible too.

All in all, for a simple 1.3 MB sized, it justifies the 4.5 star average rating and validates the enriching content on it with ease.

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