4 New Android Launchers You Should Know About

One of the main reasons for the continued progress and user loyalty for the Android OS is the number of third party apps and launchers that you can find here. This has helped Google to capture over 85% of the smart phone market share and despite Apple doing its level best in coming out with equally good apps, it has not been able to achieve mass penetration for its products like Google.

Third party launchers on the Android system like Apex and Nova have improved user experience a great deal and that is why users always look forward to new interface tools and launchers all the time, expecting even better features. These have made the usage of the mobile devices pretty convenient with some of them enabling side-sliding, better graphics and even gesture based interactivity.

The Google Play Store is the repository users turn to for new launches and some of the just released ones are as under:

a) iM Launcher-Android M Launcher – This one features the latest Android 6.0 drawer such that the apps are shown in an ascending order from A-Z The widget layout has undergone a change as well and has been classified as per the apps. The themes, transition customization, icon packs along with the innovatively designed switchers all constitute other differences. Features like enabling the locking of hidden apps, making of a private folder and guest mode make this one a pretty interesting one.

The launcher works fast despite its small size. It groups apps into folders automatically and is intelligent enough to put your games into the Games folder. Your social apps will go into the Social folder and there are other ways you can customize the widgets on the home screen.

b) Wrist Dialer for Android Wear – This one has been designed to enable easy call making from the Android Wear wrist watch and has an interface that is round and pretty cute. You have the option of saving 10 numbers for speed dialing; you can rearrange them as per your priority or delete them with a swipe. In case there is no image associated with a number, the Wrist Dialer is intelligent enough to make one for you that can fit into the limited space.

c) Pattern Launcher – With this you can switch between apps without having to remember any of the patterns you had set initially to start the apps. Just go to the start area and do the needful. The future editions are expected to have the provision of adding contacts as well.

d) App Drawer – Quick Launcher – This one provides you immediate access to all apps on your phone from the interface. You need to launch it by just swiping the home key to elicit a search option within this drawer.

The above examples are just 4 of the latest and brightest ones to have been launched. The choices available to the user are indeed quite vast, and since they are all for free, users are having a great time downloading and experimenting with them.


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