Ace Your GMAT With A Little Help From The Android App World

Ace Your GMAT With A Little Help From The Android App World

With jam-packed semester courses and examinations constantly riding on the shoulders of students, the looming threat of the GMAT is possibly the one of the most significant challenges to overcome to maximize their future prospects. So what do you do when cut-throat competition and time-constraints chain you down and poor preparation schedules are driving you up the wall?

Well, as a 21st century student, you can count on the now evergreen statement “There’s an app for that!” to bail you out of your worries. You can now cleverly make-do with your time-choked schedule and fill in any under-utilized gaps you get in your schedule to efficiently put in some solid GMAT prep time while you’re on the go. Running around with busy schedules seldom allows you to do full justice to your GMAT preparations. Let us take you through a couple of fantastic GMAT prep tools for your Android device that can help you prepare, score and secure admission to your dream Ivy League University colleges:

GMAT Toolkit

gmat toolkit practice


GMAT Toolkit boosts of content that is pumped into their app by top test prep companies like Kaplan, Knewton, Manhattan GMAT, Princeton Review and Manhattan Review.

The level of questions posted on this app help in gaining a score close to 700+ if given keen attention and dedicated preparation of course.gmat toolkit reviews

It gives you hours and hours of total use time right till the time of your exam.

Give 11 full tests all filled with tough questions to help drive you to the peak of your preparation levels.

Get access to the well-managed GMAT club forum where you can get answers to more than 4000+ questions.

With over 1 million GMAT related posts and 250,000 members, the app speaks for itself and is one of the most trusted sources for students preparing for GMAT.

Let us take a look at the extensive information-packed features that make GMAT Toolkit a truly elite educational app:

The question sets have the composition of:-

  • 202 questions from Princeton Review
  • 103 questions from Knewton
  • 236 questions from Manhattan Review
  • 3000+ GMAT questions form
  • 77 challenge questions from Manhattan GMAT
  • 63 questions from Kaplan
  • 311 extra hard 700+ quantitative questions


If all the above services still aren’t enough to satiate your knowledge thirst and get your confidence levels up, you can also get the following set of additional preparatory material too:

FLASHCARDS for all the below sections –

  • Math idioms
  • GMAT Math
  • Key tips from 700+ scorers


magoosh gmat

Magoosh is essentially an online test prep company that recently decided to take their expertise to mobile platforms for the convenience of students.

Their core objective lies in training through videos and providing high-end personalized customer support.magoosh visuals

The Magoosh team primarily imports wisdom and GMAT know-how on the whole through books reviews and blogs, idioms, formulas, grammar, problem solving, problem solving, GMAT study guides and a lot more all packed into one impactful beast of a GMAT prep app.

To further ease the studying process, the articles written on the blog are all complied into an e-book with more and more articles published every day.

So what all does this Android app have to offer?

  • Over 200 animated lessons (22 hours of audio and video)
  • Covers all four sections (math, verbal, writing, and integrated reasoning)
  • You can track your progress as you study to maintain consistency
  • Watch professional tutors solve practice problems and get an insight into how they go about a problem in order to recognize their unique psychology of deconstructing problems efficiently
  • And if that isn’t enough, you can get detailed explanation of every concept or problem you are curious about by submitting your personal queries.

GRE WordPrep

Are you crazy enough to know every single word the English language dictionary consists of? Did you succinctly comprehend the parlance this exacting sentence was written in? If the answer to either of the questions is a yes, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Though named after the GRE exam, this app prepares you for all the possible competitive examinations in addition to providing you with the level of expertise to speak English more fluently than 99.9% of the English speaking population across the world. The app in discussion is named GRE WordPrep – a dedicated language preparation Android app for students dedicated to improving their verbal abilities to a level of finesse that will enable them to breeze through their GMAT papers flawlessly.

gmat wordprep

On installing and launching this free Android app, the first page that appears is the Flash Card Home page with the following tabs:-

  • A-Z Words
  • Starred Words
  • Shuffle words
  • Jump to card

gmat wordprep searchThe A-Z word tab gives you a huge list of the 26 letters which you can select from.

On making a choice as to which letter you would like to go with you enter the word list of that letter.

Each word is of a high level that has been subtlety put in there to ensure that you master the best of the words and are concurrently in a position to appear for the competitive examinations.

Each word had a corresponding Flash card number so that you can indirectly jump to it when needed.

Starred Words are words that you can mark as important in order to recall later. Barring from remembering the flash card numbers you can star each word as one, two or three stars and they will appear on your call.

These may seem easy to do, but have been strategically added as a feature, something that majority apps may not have, though given its correctly perceived importance.

The shuffle words have been thrown in there for an advance level of preparation when you know and are aware of everything and all the words that the app has to offer. Shuffle words give you an edge as you can practice words thrown at your way one after the other and move on quickly.

This one’s a great pusher when in a last minute hurry to get things done soon.

And finally the Jump to Card feature gives you the ability to move onto any card whose number you may recall or remember.

Use it to surprise yourself and see what word comes up. The app is filled with a few additional helpers to reach ultimate supremacy in mastering English.

The sentence usage pack gives you multiple uses of a single word. This helps in gaining a deeper understanding of the Anglican vernacular tongue that is English with words having multiple usages. Buy the thesaurus pack that gives you another huge set of words for a single word.

And finally, the pronunciation packs to stem that final flag of conquering the English mountain.

The GRE WordPrep app is small in size but massive in terms of help and utility. Download it test your vocab skills with a massive collection of eclectic, sophisticated and absurd words ever incorporated into the English language and ace your GMAT verbal sections with the help of your newfound skill set.

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