Agent – The App That Can Actually Substitute Humans To Some Extent

Agent – The App That Can Actually Substitute Humans To Some Extent

We cannot imagine our lives without phones. By that I mean that we cannot imagine our lives without the cellular technology. Having a landline qualifies as having a phone but it also qualifies as cracking a joke in today’s time. A phone has become synonymous with a mobile phone or should I say a smart phone. We are not far away from a time when phones, the ones that were used for making calls – the reason why phones were invented, would be found in museums and be considered vintage and not in a good way.

Today, smart phones are used very little for making calls when compared to their usage for other things. And most of the credit for such a behavior goes to mobile or should I say smart phone applications. Our apps have really helped us out in a number of ways and have truly made our lives easier. Still, there are times when we feel like we have become a slave to our smart phones because of the easy access others have towards us through multiple platforms resulting in our phones making many different sounds, creating their own annoying symphonies.

In extreme cases, we wish we had a secretary who could help us out in our smart phone management. Of course, we cannot just hire a secretary mostly because we do not have money to pay them in addition to various other reasons like, it is just a phone and we cannot let it get too smart for us to handle!

At times like these we need AGENT – an app that assists us in our phone management. It provides essential features that our smart phones lack like automatic battery saving, drive, sleep and meeting modes. Agent automatically saves our phone battery, silences our phone during meetings, remembers where we have parked, auto-responds when we are driving and allows only urgent calls and messages through when we are sleeping. Yes, there are other apps in the market that provide these features none of them provide all these features in one platform.

It is a very elegant and a simple app that works in the following way:

–       DRIVE AGENT is triggered by bluetooth and motion sensing (activity detection). It can be configured to read SMS messages aloud, respond with voice, auto respond to texters and callers to let them know we are driving (editable message) & only respond to our own hand-picked list.

–       BATTERY AGENT triggers at a percentage we choose. It helps conserve battery by giving us the option to turn off bluetooth, dim our screen and reverts back to normal settings automatically when we charge our phone. It will also let us know how much battery it saved us.

–       PARKING AGENT remembers where we parked, based off our speed or bluetooth connection. It will remember our last five parking spots.

–       MEETING AGENT syncs with our calendar to silence/ put our phone on vibrate when we do not want to be disturbed. It can be configured to activate for busy events only, gives us the ability to specify our working week so that it only syncs with our calendar on days and times we prefer, works with shared calendars and auto responds to selected contacts during these “busy” events.

–       SLEEP AGENT will silence our phone automatically when we go to sleep. We can configure sleep times for different days of the week, minutes of inactivity before activating, auto response to selected callers and texters during our sleeping hours, list of contacts that can wake us & Bluetooth, autosync, wifi and mobile data deactivation.


Hence, AGENT is like having our own personal secretary who is not on our payroll. It is a complete win-win because to err is human, thus, no scope for errors!

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