Aha!Smokefree – An Easy Way To Curb Your Smoking Addiction

Aha!Smokefree – An Easy Way To Curb Your Smoking Addiction

Smoking is one of the most dangerous and crippling addictions you can ever experience if you happen to be unfortunate enough to fall prey to it. Plenty of hardcore smokers try in vain to eliminate this nasty habit every year. However, this frequency of failure can be attributed to the lack of an organized plan and not just your weak commitment.

For all you smokers looking to kick the butt once and for all, we bring to you the aha!Smokefree application to unchain yourself from this perilous addiction. Believe it or not, but this wonder app is almost guaranteed to give your body the respite it desperately needs from your carcinogenic addiction if you are willing to follow its regimen sincerely.

 Beginning the Process of De-Addiction

Despite the extraordinary amount of smoking details presented to you by aha!Smokefree, its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it highly appealing to make use of. The real Herculean effort that needs to be input from your end is your commitment to the cause of an addiction-free lifestyle.

Whether you started smoking way back in high school or under stress at your current job as a high-profile company manager, you can still empower yourself to quit this nasty habit with the equal efficiency using this app. You can input the details of your daily smoking habits like the frequency, the number of cigarettes a day, the money spent on each, tar content avoided, etc.


Over a period of time, aha!smokefree tells you exactly how you have fared and how you are progressing by diligently tracking your smoking details. It tells you the money you have saved and the obvious health-related benefits you have gained by curbing your smoking addiction.

Aha!smokefree offers real-time display of your smoking statistics in terms of savings per week/month/year, lifetime earned and the amount of tar that you avoided inhaling.

The Objective of aha!Smokefree

achievementsAha!Smokefree encourages you and motivates you further to stop smoking by presenting to you achievements with each milestone you cross. Not only does it highlight certain aspects of your new smoke free life, but it also gives you the following achievements to motivate you further:

–          Respiratory problems improving

–          Carbon monoxide disappears

–          Heart attack risk sinks

–          Blood pressure sinks

–          Breathing improvement

–          Olfactory sense getting better

–          Pulmonary capacity improved

You can even make use of virtual cigarettes too to assist your quitting efforts by creating a mild placebo effect without actually smoking and harming your body. Electronic cigarettes are a great way to reduce dependability on the real ones but use of this of course drives your usage stats down and dents your performance in the stats table. This means that any expenditure related to e-cigarettes will be deducted from your saved money and hold you back from reaching new milestones.

So that’s aha!Smokefree for you. It’s a truly noble application designed to strengthen you from within to quit the habit of smoking by enriching your psychology to steer clear of things that endanger your biology. Download this app from Google Play Store right away and reclaim the healthy future that you deserve.

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