Babybump Pregnancy – The Virtual Babysitter To Your Unborn Child

Babybump Pregnancy – The Virtual Babysitter To Your Unborn Child

While there are multiple apps for regular health and fitness, however, there is special care of health required during pregnancy. Thus, following your regular routine is not advisable because you might be a daredevil otherwise but when you are carrying a child, you need to be extra careful about everything, starting from your diet to the kind of exercises you do.

Thus, to help you with this is an app called Babybump Pregnancy which is a comprehensive pregnancy app that keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with family and friends.

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Essential Features

Its features include:

– Meet other parents from around the world
– Mobile / Android friendly forum, custom built for use on all Android devices – fast and easy to use

– Curated shop of the best pregnancy and baby products
– Expert editorial and review of all products

– Enter due date or calculate from Last Menstrual Period (LMP)
– Beautiful progress bar showing time remaining until delivery
– Weeks and days remaining and trimester information
– Personalize your countdown screen with a profile photo

– Schematic embryo picture of your baby each week
– Daily tips and weekly details about your baby’s size and weight and development
– Common symptoms, cravings, and bodily changes you can expect to experience each week

– Track daily weight/waist measurements
– International: use lb/kg or in/cm or a mix
– Daily tracking of mood, energy, appetite, cravings, morning sickness, and other notes
– Calendar view with icons

– Add photos of your pregnancy from your camera or library
– Create a slideshow of your growing baby bump
– Email photos or save them to your library


BABY NAMER (in-app upgrade)
– Searchable database of over 24,000 BABY NAMES with gender, origin, and meaning
– Browse by by origin, popularity, meaning, and beginning and ending sounds
– Keep a favorite list of boy and girl names
– Email your list of favorites to friends or family members

BIRTH (in-app upgrade)
– Watch a birth video
– Create a birth plan for the big day
– Keep a checklist of Newborn Essentials

CONTRACTION TRACKER (in-app upgrade)
– Track contractions with a large Start/Stop button
– Records start time, end time, duration, and interval/frequency
– Can delete individual contractions
– Averages contraction duration and interval/frequency and calculates your Stage of Labor
– Remembers your active contraction session if the app is exited
– Enter Notes about each contraction
– Email complete details of your contractions

KICK COUNTER (in-app upgrade)
– Large buttons to start kick counting and record kicks
– Automatically stops kick session when time runs out or after 10 kicks
– Remembers your kick session if the app is exited
– Email kick sessions to your doula or doc

Babybump Pregnancy has been getting popular ever since its launch because it has proved to be very helpful to expecting couples and has also been featured by The Huffington Post, CBS News, Fit Pregnancy Magazine, The iPhone Blog, and on many other platforms. Thus, this app is definitely worth a shot for pregnant couples or couples planning to have a baby.

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