BATTERY DOCTOR – Because Apples Cannot Replace Doctors When It Comes to Phone Battery

BATTERY DOCTOR – Because Apples Cannot Replace Doctors When It Comes to Phone Battery

In the recent years, our phone usage has doubled because phones have now become much more than a simple communication tool. Today, we find ourselves interacting with our phones much more than ever before. After all, everyone wants to be in smart company. Unfortunately, phone battery is and will always be inversely proportional to the amount we use our phones which is why BATTERY DOCTOR makes for a wonderful and ironic solution for preventing our phones from seeing the light.

It is a free battery saving app that can extend our phone’s battery life to up to 50% by finding apps and settings that drain the battery. It provides the user with detailed battery information by finding out which app is taking how much power, whether or not to disable it or just adjusting its settings, example, the brightness of the screen.


Not just that, it is able to accurately tell for how long the battery is going to last depending on what the phone is being used for at that particular time, as in when we are playing games or whenever the Wi-Fi is on or off.

It has a unique three stage charging system to give our phones the most out of their battery and also reminds us not to overcharge along with monitoring the power consumption. It even has widgets including the ‘Task Killer’ to optimize the power consumption conveniently. The 4×1 widget makes it easier to manage Wi-Fi, Data, Brightness, etc, and set power saving modes.

BATTERY DOCTOR’s key features include:save-power-2

– Disabling unnecessary apps that drain the battery
– Task Killer kills tasks with one click
– Killing apps when the screen is off
– Accurate battery remaining time
– Accurate charging remaining time
– Scheduling power saving modes for work/class/sleep and more
– Unique 3 Stage Charging system
– Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggle
– Brightness control
– CPU Management (for rooted phones)
– Battery temperature
– Charging Tips
– 15 languages supported
– Simple easy-to-use interface

BATTERY DOCTOR also has a mode called the ‘Saving Mode’ which is an extreme setting that shuts down all non essential functions of the phone with the exception of making phone calls and sending or receiving text messages. Everything else shuts down, including the Wi-Fi, GPS, Data, etc.

BATTERY DOCTOR uses the best practices of batteries—charging to certain percentages, never letting your charge go below a certain amount, using up fewer cycles—and gives you examples and opportunities to live with them. Instead of just letting you know you’re at 64 percent and need to charge, it will tell you that you should charge for 24 minutes soon, or 40 minutes later on today. Battery Doctor is packed with many tools for explaining and optimizing battery life, and its notification icon (which is kind of a widget, too) is a handy shortcut for enabling or disabling features for better battery life.

It is an app that can help everyone, especially those who have travel extensively as often one does not get to charge their phones. It becomes really important in such times to keep the phone charged at all times and having an app that doubles the battery life can become our life saver.


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