Blockbuster App for Android

Blockbuster App for Android

Blockbuster, the beleaguered movie rental company, has released an Android app. The release brought two surprises: the first surprise is that the app now comes pre-loaded on a number of Verizon devices. And the second surprise is that Blockbuster still exists.

You can download the Blockbuster app from the Google Play Store here. And after downloading it, you can perform all of the following tasks:

-Browse through a list of over 100,000 movies and games


-Mange your Blockbuster By Mail account

-Check the availability of a title at your local Blockbuster store (local Blockbuster stores still exist?!)

That all sounds good, right? But it doesn’t take long before the Blockbuster app reveals why Blockbuster is a failed company. Here are some of the worst parts of the Blockbuster app for Android:

-It comes pre-loaded on some Android phones, mainly phones made by Verizon (that’s just not nice)

-It runs in the background all the time, draining battery life, RAM, and CPU cycles for no apparent reason

-You can’t stream movies through the app or perform any other useful features

To reinforce just how bad the Blockbuster app is, it is one of the worst-reviewed apps on the Google Play Store. Check out its current ratings spread:


Ouch! 19,606 1 star reviews? It doesn’t get much worse than that. I guess that’s what happens when you try to shove crapware at Android users – they fight back.

Anyways, if you do – for whatever reason – want to download the Blockbuster app for Android, you can do so by clicking here. But we certainly don’t recommend it.

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