Bloomberg – Get 24/7 Financial Enlightenment On Your Android Device

Bloomberg – Get 24/7 Financial Enlightenment On Your Android Device

When it comes to financial news, you know there is undoubtedly just one place on the planet to go to – Bloomberg. Financial literacy is critical to our survival in these turbulent markets and recession-struck times. For both amateur and veteran investors, knowledge is an indisputable asset that drives the success of their investments, and those who keep with the financial times 24/7 will always have a leg up on the rest of the market when it comes to making the most profits.

Bloomberg is a renowned news platform that started off primarily to throw out every single bit of news and data that is pertinent to your financial investments and market conditions across the world. It even outsources its software to investors for a massive sum to track your finances and make active investments based on the highly accurate information they gain from it. The super-informative Bloomberg Android app primarily encircles the global financial news and gives you a bird’s eye view of how the economy is functioning and what stocks have made the market what it is currently and what’s bringing it down.

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The Bloomberg Android app definitely isn’t easy to understand if you’re new to the finance world, but if you know the trade, the interface of the app is perfectly tailored to your needs. This app provides tremendously resourceful navigation as you’ll easily travel through it with relevant terms flashing in your face that will grab your attention and retain it on the most important financial news in the indices

The app is in line with the typical colors and styles of Bloomberg – black and mustard-yellow.

On launching the Bloomberg app, the first thing you see is a horizontal grid of videos for your reference which start playing as you click on them.

What then appears is an extensive list of informative videos categorized under:

  • Worldwide news
  • Luxury
  • Exclusive

You can also choose multiple categories for any particular financial interests and concerns you might be having, such as:

  • Opinion
  • Most read
  • Bonds
  • Currencies
  • Economy
  • Personal Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Emerging Markets
  • Health care
  • Funds
  • Energy
  • Insurance
  • Stocks
  • Muse
  • Politics
  • Elections
  • Spending
  • Technology
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Country-specific news

On popping up the option menu in the Bloomberg app, you can see and chose from a list of the below options:

  • News
  • Markets
  • You Stocks
  • Stock Finder

The news as you observed above gives you the latest and most critical financial headlines from news across the globe. Though centered on financial news primarily, Bloomberg also does its share of sharing worldly news. It then attaches this news to show how this is affecting the market sentiment overseas and in the local markets in order to give you a more in-depth understanding of global finance.

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The Markets section gives you well-formatted list of Equity Indices, Bond Indices, Commodities, Equity Index Futures, Currencies, etc.

Each index be it the Dow-Jones, the FTSE, The NASDAQ live, NYSE, SENSEX, Hang-Seng, Kospi, DAX, NSE-Nifty, Chicago Stock Exchange and many  more.

The overall commodities market across the world with universal currency denominations are displayed in a list view.

The bonds issued by multiple government bodies across the world are displayed with the country code and the flag to the left with figures to the right.

The same is the case with the Equity Index futures with the lists in figures mentioned to the right with percentage changes mentioned in the extreme right.

Another key feature is that of the stocks you are tracking in your portfolio. As you find a stock or look it up through the app search bar, you can add it to your stocks and these will then appear to the list attached to your account. Keeping a track of your stocks is imperative and you can do this for free with the Bloomberg app for Android. This Android app is free and is a mere 2.5 MB in size. You can download it in its optimized variants for tablets and smartphones. So add it to your app tray right away and stay on top of financial events and happenings across the world.

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