Criticall – Never Miss an Important Call Again

Criticall – Never Miss an Important Call Again

We’ve all been through those frustrating times when we’re waiting for a really important call and then land up missing them. We’ve all been there. The obsession drives you to keep your phone off silent and that can’t work well especially if you’re in the middle of something important. What if you’re travelling and you don’t notice it ring. It’s some big news, and big news is worth hearing the first time.

criticall 1Now, stop fretting and get CritiCall. CritiCall allows you to program your phone so, that the app will rewrite the volume setting on your phone when somebody important calls you, regardless of the silent mode. It’s really quite simple.

CritiCall’s user interface is sleek and very user-friendly. It makes your calling experience much more organized and optimized for your convenience and it’s almost a non-brainer to know that this is an Android app that you must have. The main interface allows you to choose between three very self-explanatory options which perform the function of turning the CritiCallapp on, turning it off and deciding upon the volume to be expected when the call comes.

The CritiCall app has a wonderful feature for people who happen to turn off the app and then just are so forgetful, they don’t seem to remember to even turn it back on. It has the genuinely simple second screen that allows you to set a timer for the app to auto-turn on every time you decide to turn CritiCall off. This is so useful for people who want to sleep for long hours undisturbed. Just auto-time the app to turn on with your morning alarm!

The bottom of the screen holds a Contacts button. Once you allow the CritiCall app access to your contacts, it automatically keeps updating as per your contact list. So any contact whose number you have saved can be programmed into the app. CritiCall ensures you’ll never miss a call from them again.

criticall 3

The CritiCall app allows you to tap the name like in other in other apps such as Whatsapp for choosing a contact you want tocriticall 2 view. It prompts a confirmation asking whether you want to make the person a critical contact, after all you don’t want to add somebody (like your stalker) by mistake and then regret it.

The volume control is a slider. So you don’t have to repeatedly press a button to achieve your expected call volume. One simple slide does the trick.

The font used by the CritiCall app is highly readable and its settings also provides for creating buttons that are of appreciable sizes. It’s very handy to handle in a hurry. Doesn’t tax and doesn’t need you to perform complicated procedures. It’s as simple, or even simpler than turning on your Wi-Fi.

The fact that it is so simple and doesn’t confuse the user with a million different functions, each more complicated than the previous, is what makes the app so user friendly. Nobody needs to read a ‘How to use CritiCall page’ and even a five year old can expertly navigate through it.

The CritiCall app does it all. It leaves nothing to chance and imagination. CritiCall looks like a square box with colored dots on your home screen or in whichever folder you decide to place it.

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