Daily Mail Online – The Ultimate US & UK News Platform

Daily Mail Online – The Ultimate US & UK News Platform

The daily news model revolves around covering international happenings all across the globe in a couple of moments on TV or in a small section at the end of your newspaper. But what about the more detailed stories? What about introspective journalism and digging in deeper to find out the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’? Narrowing down on the not so far eastern haven of the European subcontinent’s Great Britain, Android brings to you the brilliant Daily Mail Online Android news application. With over 120 million users in a month, this app recently earned the distinction of becoming the No. 1 newspaper website.

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Optimized for Android 2.1 and above, the Daily Mail Online app enables you to be right on top of all the latest news, gossip, sport, pictures and a lot more sourced straight from dailymail.co.uk – the No.1 UK newspaper site.

The features of the Daily Mail Online app are extensive and truly captivating for every news lover.

daily mail online picturesIt works in an offline mode too and preloads the news for you and presents it to you whilst you are travelling or are simply offline.

You can customize the syncing of news delivered via the app and all saved articles and settings too. Using the Wi-Fi around the first thing in the morning is the fastest way to get all the significant words and pictures highlighting events you should know about. If you check into the app after a long time, Daily Mail Online will sync all the significant happenings over that period of time where you did not use the app and then take you to the current news and pictures.

Viewing is easy as the headlines are displayed to the left and with a picture depicting the article you put in.

The category of the article you read is also displayed at the top.

The location on the Daily Mail Online app can be set to news from the UK, US or the rest of the world too. News and Showbiz will be the first two channels, and other secondary channels can be set too after this. All the above adjustments can be made as per your preferences from the settings tab of the app.

Each channel homepage has a slick navigation toolbar running along the bottom of homepage. You can scroll around them to choose and discover other interesting channels by scrolling sideways.

The navigation is easily optimised for all devices and syncing makes viewing much easier and better.

Navigating is easy as you can move to the next article by simply sliding away to the left or right article.daily mail online comments

Each article, as replicated from the online portal, also has a well-implemented comments section integrated into it that utilizes your social networks to connect and spread your opinions through. Here you can star mark an interesting article for reading later, posting a comment on it, sharing it via Facebook or Twitter and even directly e-mailing your friends and family the relevant news article.

The comments section is segregated as old and new, best rated and worst rated.

Here’s a nifty tip straight from the house of the developers: Use the Wi-Fi connection to sync and use the app as much as possible for simple reasons like getting faster speed and a smooth connection.

For news apps, the credibility of the news offered matters the most and that coupled with app features to make viewing and reading extremely easy is the great feature. In terms of definitive UK news coverage, the Daily Mail Online is definitely one of the best news apps available in the market.

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