Deezer – A New Member Among the Music App Overlords

Deezer – A New Member Among the Music App Overlords

It’s a jungle out there with fights for musical supremacy on the Android platform and Deezer is no backbencher in the fight. Top developer Deezer Mobile comes to you with an app that will take your musical experience a few notches higher with what the rest of the market has to offer. With steep competition in the app world with titans like Spotify and Rdio reigning Google Play Store, this app is certainly making its mark too with its huge follower base that has over 300 thousand users who have helped it achieve a near 5 star rating. As a result, it has become quite a popular app and given a cool alternative to audiophiles looking for the next big thing in the music app arena.
At first glance, there’s not much different in terms of what it has to offer, and thus the major line of demarcation comes from the interface, the look and feel of the app, the way it gives the user what it wants in terms of value for music.

At the outset, the Deezer Android app has a functionality that allows you music of over 30 million songs from all across the world.
The minute you sign up, the app showers you with a 15 day premium membership teasing you into downloading the full version which of course comes with its extended set of features for you.
Further, the more you use the Deezer app, it understands you much more like you’d like any of your devices to! With personal recommendations it makes usability so much easier and a sense of exclusivity.
Deezer 1
The flow of music on the app is non-stop just like you would hear on the Radio, and maybe without ads and RJ’s.
The music too stems from your habits and plays the next song guessing after calculations which would be the best for you in that moment of time.
You have unlimited radio channels streaming music for you and the best part is the library that gets built up over a period of time as per all your discoveries.
The Deezer app has the following categories:

• Synced
• Playlists
• Albums
• Favourite artists
• My mp3’s
• Purchases
Deezer 2
The interface is set in a white background with Blue tiles and lists to display all you want. The artist column will display thumbnails of the singer/artists and their songs.
On each of the song listing, you can shuffle play the songs and of course, directly tell the world what you are listening to through the social sharing button right on every page be it Facebook, Twitter, Gmail all other kinds of mails, your messenger, the clipboard etc.
And now for the premium features:

This section entails enabling you to choose and play the very next track that you want. Kind of like the playlist on your very own mobile.
You can also skip the radio songs as many times as you want and enjoy ad free versions of the Deezer app.
You can also sync your playlists to your phone in order to hear stuff offline.

So there you have it. The Android world’s attempt to save space on your card by having you stream music online through an app has now finally true thanks to Deezer. Get your hands on it on Google Play Store today!

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