Enhance Your Medical Knowledge With Visual Anatomy

Enhance Your Medical Knowledge With Visual Anatomy

One can fairly say it is imperative for each of us to know at least a little bit about how the inside of a human body looks like and what keeps it ticking. However, it is absolutely critical for students who aspire to pursue a career in the medical industry to have a flawless understanding of it. And to facilitate that very objective, the Visual Anatomy application promises to the portable enlightenment you need regarding all your body’s key internal organs.

Whether you’re a medical student, an investment banker or a company manager, Visual Anatomy will provide you an easy and thorough understanding of the human body without any problems. It allows you to gain instant insights about the human anatomy through 3D and HD photos. These images have labels that give you a detailed description of the functionality and the exact location of the organ.

Feature points included in this app can be selected for a better interactive experience. There are over 750 feature points to choose from and nearly 150 high resolution images available for reference. Each feature distinctly explains its core functions and features on the whole.


Search for organs using the search tool and use feature points to locate images of internal organs.

These multiple images can be used by doctors as well as medical students for easy reference and probably to better explain to their patients about ailments and other related injuries that are plaguing them. Hence, the patient also gets a clear perspective on what is happening to his body.

The anatomy images available in the Visual Anatomy app do not even require an internet connection to download. They are interactive images with organized labels and explanation material.

Further, you can pinch zoom into any image to explore the core features of a specific body part and gather details of more intricate and finer organs.

Identify any body region that you are interested in and tap on the screen to access further data related to it.

You can play quizzes after you are done navigating the app fully. Play up to 6 quizzes with 150 questions, which come with multiple choice formats so you can choose from 4 different answers.

Visual Anatomy even gives you access to free periodic reviews and updates to keep your learning experience on track.

The main contents of the images in the Visual Anatomy app are:

–          A full description of over 120 deep and superficial muscles.

–          Bones, ligaments and joints

–          Respiratory systems including lungs and the wind pipe

–          Digestive system, food pipe, the liver, etc.

–          The entire central nervous system.

–          Urinary system.

–          The reproductive system for both the males and females.

–          Endocrine system

–          Circulatory system

Visual Anatomy is relatively easy to use and has a small learning curve. It is a fantastic app for those who are curious about human biology and love to understand more about the science behind the functioning of internal organs.

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