Find Your Perfect Match with Badoo

Find Your Perfect Match with Badoo

Are you out and about on your own and looking to find a friend or a date with the right man or woman, or just in the mood for some casual fun? Take our advice – get Badoo. Following on the lines of Twine and Skout, this criminally underrated app is a great platform for chatting, flirting and dating. It has successfully connected millions of people across the world and forged some great new relationships between them.

When the user first opens the Badoo app, he is asked to either sign in via Facebook or create a new account. Once the user completes the registration, he/she is ready to meet new people.

After signing in, the user is asked to upload at least three pictures either from their device or Facebook. The user can also upload more pictures by clicking on the  “+” icon in the galleries section. The Badoo app’s menu button allows the user to check his profile and edit information like interests, relationship status and other such personal information. The user can also specify who he wishes to meet including their age, gender and interests.

The Badoo app contains a “People Nearby” search filter feature that allows the user to search for friends or dates closest to their current location. However if the user wishes to search for a specific group of people, then he can select the “filter” button on the top left corner and limit his search.

The user can search for people from a specific city or interests or even an age range. Once the user comes across an interesting person, he can click on the picture to view the profile. The user can then like pictures, start a chat conversation, favorite him or her and even ask to meet the person. Click on the “Visitors” icon and see the list of people who visited his profile. It’s a great way to look out for people with similar interests. There is also a “Favorites” icon that displays all the members marked favorite by the user.

badoo widgetThere are many features on this app that makes it fun an exciting to use. The Encounters game is one such feature. It is located on the top right of the home screen and is an orange colored dice. To begin meeting new people, the user can click on the icon and he will be presented with a person or an “encounter” as they call it, randomly chosen by the app. The user can see the person’s pictures, name, age, location and the gender preference.

If the “Superpower” feature is enabled, then the user can view the complete profile. The user is provided with three options, “yes”, “Maybe” and “No”, and can make a decision after scanning the profile. The next “encounter” loads automatically and the same procedure follows. If the user wants to be seen more on the “Encounters” game, then he can click on the “Get noticed” button, however, Badoo credits are required to purchase that feature.

There is also an “Anonymous Chat” feature that allows the user to chat with a random person chosen by the app. When the user first starts off, the pictures are blurred, however after a while the user can see them and decide if he wishes to continue.

Through Badoo, you get to have access to millions of people, thanks to its huge community of buzzing singles. So download this app right away and spice up your social life with the people you really like. Find a new friend, a hot date or fall in love. The ball is in your court!

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