Netflix – The Ultimate Movie & TV Streaming Portal

Netflix – The Ultimate Movie & TV Streaming Portal

The world is made up of two kinds of people – those who are crazy about movies and those who are even crazier than the former lot about their favorite movies and TV shows. In this world of high speed internet connectivity and entertainment avenues galore, it’s nigh impossible to not find something to suit your tastes.

So when asked about what’s your favorite platform for watching your beloved movies and TV episodes, there’s a strong chance you are going to tell us that you have a subscription to the mother of all movie and TV-streaming apps named Netflix that solves all their problems at one go.

The Ultimate Movie & TV Streaming PortalThis one stop shop for entertainment streaming is where you get everything you like to watch all for free – with a small one monthly subscription of course. But at the minimal cost comes the liberty to watch unlimited movies and soaps on your screen. But it’s the future now and things have moved mobile.

And thus ever thought though that you’d have access to all you favourite shows like Big Bang Theory, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Bones, Game of Thrones, Suites The Newsroom and all the latest movies like The Wolverine, Kickass 2, Elysium, The World’s end, Don Jon, Gravity, Thor, The Wolf of Wall Street, Ender’s Game, etc. on your Android devices while you move around from place to place.

So imagine having all of this addictive content on you mobile devices where you can simply log in and view all of the above and enjoy a lot other bonus features as well. It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The smooth and larger than life interface of the mobile version of the Netflix world gives you a feel of the theatres with backgrounds inspired from the red carpet Hollywood theme. To access the app, all you need is a Netflix account which calls for a minimal monthly subscription.

This subscription gives you access to movies and soaps and reviews and everything the Netflix app has to offer. The best part is you can access and enjoy this content then as much as you desire. Further to that, you can watch the trailers of the upcoming movies too to stay in loop with the hottest productions about to hit the theatres near you over the next few months.

The available titles can be browsed through from the search bar and the menu.

The titanic collection of classic and current movie titles and TV shows offered by the Netflix world is updated regularly and isnetflix description up to date with all the latest movies and the latest seasons of your favorite shows that went by. The Netflix Android app supports majority of the high-end and medium Android devices and streams movies as easily as ever without any hiccups.

A noticeable feature is that you can rate all the shows that you like. Additionally, you can also give reviews on the movie or TV episode you are watching and assess the quality of the streaming as well so that the developers at Netflix consistently use this data to increase the competency of the app and ensure the user has the perfect entertainment experience at the palm of their hands.

One of the coolest and perhaps the most unique features present in the Netflix Android app is that you can stream more than one movie/soap simultaneously.

netflix 1Further, you can also use the Netflix app across multiple devices. The advantage of this is that when you stream something, you can catch up exactly from where you left on the new device you are using.

Also rating the movies and soaps can help Netflix suggest titles for you to watch with similarities in genre and create a more optimized entertainment experience for you that cater to your interests and keep you coming back for more.

Watch the best movies in the best print on Netflix Android app, and don’t forget to keep that soda can and popcorn handy when you do start watching!

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