Press RSS Reader – The Next Big Thing After Google Reader

Press RSS Reader – The Next Big Thing After Google Reader

Now that Google Reader is retired and officially in the history books, developers from all across the world have risen to the occasion to fill in the gap left behind by offering the best possible RSS feed software to users. The fact that a major player like Google stepped out of the online reader market when demand for RSS readers was at an all-time high came as quite a surprise to millions of Google Reader users.

However, it also left the field wide open for other competitors to push their product in to the limelight posing as the saviour for many ardent readers who proactively use RSS feeds as their daily source of information. Once you do get comfortable using RSS readers, your dependency on them for your news fix is almost equivalent to that of a man with a meth addiction.

Press RSS Reader is one of the key RSS software tools that marched in aggressively and begun to get marketed as the premier information aggregator for users. It rides on its superior press-rss1integration functionality that not many of its competitors are known for.

Press RSS Reader integrates its user profile to Google Reader and this enables you to read everything that you had synced to your former Google reader without losing out on anything.

It presents everything in distinct categories that you would find easy to navigate around.

In addition to that, Press RSS syncs the following popular readers:

– Feedly
– Feed Wrangler
– Feedbin
– Fever

Features & Interface

Let us take a more in-depth look at the core features of this amazing feed aggregator tool for your PC:

  • Enjoy complete readability integration
  • Press readers enables background syncing align with notifications
  • The Press RSS reader boasts of a completely ad-free experience
  • Mark articles as read and unread to remind you the ones to read later
  • For those of you lack a good internet connection, you can enjoy offline reading support.
  • For further ease in reading content, you can even change the font style and size to match your reading capabilities
  • Choose between multiple article text alignments
  • You can share the articles you read and more importantly star them for later viewing
  • Open articles in the app or your default browser

press-rss2The basic user interface of the Press RSS reader app is neat and highly user-friendly. All the important categories are displayed to your left and all the RSS feeds that you have lined up are displayed in tile format with their respective icons on the right side. The articles in each news tab are displayed in a well-organized list format with options to share and view from the list itself rather than going back to the main article to share.

Press Reader for RSS is a brilliant software tool that will help keep you one step ahead of the rest of the world in terms of global awareness, and will always keep you updated on your favorite websites and blogs.

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