Price Check – Snap, Scan and Shop Without the Buyer’s Remorse

Price Check – Snap, Scan and Shop Without the Buyer’s Remorse

Behold the ultimate shopping tool that exemplifies the ‘future’ in the future of shopping with cutting edge features in it that throws the slow traditional methods of shopping out of the window. Shopping and price-checking for goods all over town before getting the best deal back is now classified as stone-age shopping antics. Technology has moved on rapidly and we have soldiered on into a realm of uber-convenience and comfort due to it.

 Snap, Scan and Shop Without the Buyer's RemorsePrice Check by Amazon is an Android app created by the online shopping giant that is built on the same ideals and is meant to assist its users by giving them a flawless shopping experience everywhere they go. This ensures that Amazon customers remain all the more loyal and things run as efficiently as possible. Note that this isn’t the Amazon retail app, but just a nifty price checking tool to help you get the prices on your deals when you venture out to malls and supermarkets to pick up whatever you need.

The main objective of the Price Check Android app is to ensure that you can check prices on the go for a massive database of goods and products that you like. The idea stemming from the simple point in time where shoppers are most enticed immediately after stumbling upon a cool commodity the minute they see it, be it on TV, in a magazine or in a shop itself. Hence, they must have the right information available at the touch of a button to help seal the deal when their mind is fresh and help companies capitalize on the shopper’s impulsiveness.

The Price Check app is designed to make sure that you don’t leave the arena without making a purchase or at least makes sure you come back for it when you can.

Price Check has a barcode scanner integrated inside it that asks you to keep the camera on the barcode and then hit the scan button. On doing this the app goes back to the database of the Amazon store where the product is and gets out the best price for you. Not only that you also get a price comparison from multiple other stores just for you.

Further to that, Amazon has created a provision for products that may not even have a barcode. All you have to do is take a picture of the product through the Price Check app called as ‘snap the picture’, and the app goes up to the store to pull out images on it that look just like it or are exactly it.

Adding to this, the Price Check app is optimized for the best shopping experience and thus makes sure you never leave with your hard down. It also thus has integrated a payment gateway and an avenue for you to purchase the product.

You can also use the search feature where all you have to do is speak into the mic and the Price Check app will take you to the product on Amazon and you can buy the goods or check the price from there.

So that’s what you have from Amazon’s end. A completely secure purchase mechanism in built into a barcode scanner neatly designed for the best customer experience. All you have to do is be the pampered customer and shell out the moolah to purchase your favorite items.

The reviews that the Price Check app enjoys is great and is responsible for saving millions of dollars for consumers across the country.

With an average of 4.3 stars on Google Play Store, the Price Check app is all set to take on its competitors for becoming the ideal bar code scanning tool. It’s a pretty neat way for Amazon to dive in heads on into the market leaving no scope and room for errors. So get ready to shop till you drop without any buyer’s remorse!

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