Qustodio – Because There Is A Right Age For Everything In Life

Qustodio – Because There Is A Right Age For Everything In Life

While the internet is a boon for a lot of reasons, there are a few things that the internet does that it should not. Especially when it comes to kids. Today children have access to the internet from a very young age. This means that they have the whole world at their fingertips, all they need to do is click away. Now, this clicking might lead to good things and bad.

Since children these days are being allowed to own mobile devices and considering that fact that they are very impressionable when they are young, as parents or guardians, we need to keep a tab on their internet activities. While the internet is very educational and can help the child grow in a lot of ways, it also possesses the power to rot a child’s brain with inappropriate, addictive content like pornography and adult forums that are even inappropriate for adults.

To combat this problem is an app because there is an app to combat any problem in the world, and this app is called Qustodio. This app helps you take the internet custody of your child. It helps you monitor and manage how your child uses their devices, all you need to do is install it in all the devices that your child uses. Qustodio helps you in the following ways:

– Web monitoring and blocking
– Access time limits and quotas
– Application monitoring and blocking (Premium)
– Location tracking (Premium)
– Monitor calls & text messages (Premium)

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Apart from this, there are other things that this app does, including:

– Lets you customise a better online experience for your children
– Shows whether devices are used for homework or recreation
– Enables you to set healthy access limits for them
– Works on Mobile devices as well as PC
– Lets you control which games and applications they should use (Premium)
– Blocks harmful websites and enables safe searching
– Alerts you of questionable activity and important events
– Can track multiple children and devices at the same time
– Tracks your child’s mobile device on map (Premium)
– Shows who your child calls or texts most (Premium)

Qustodio protects the settings screen of your Android device, once installed and if activated, it will require you to type your password to access the settings screen. You can access and manage Qustodio at any time from its online dashboard. This app is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese.

As much as we think that our child is not prone to dangers because we have then in a protective cocoon, yet, we cannot avoid the fact that as we are moving forward, the world around us is getting more and more dangerous. And the deep dark corners of the internet are not just limited to pornography, they include several, more inhuman and devastating content like bad company, drug dealers, people who try to brainwash children and even terrorists. If we are not careful, something might just happen right under our nose, without us being aware of it and could get irreparable by the time we come to know. As they say, prevention is always better than cure.

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