RouteShoot Video and GPS – Visual Elegance At The Touch Of A Button

RouteShoot Video and GPS – Visual Elegance At The Touch Of A Button

It is a fact that humans are more attracted to visually appealing things. This is the reason behind our growing obsession with pictures and videos. If one describes a product or a service, it might not have the same impact on us as a wonderfully composed and conceptualized picture or a video would. This is the reason why fashion magazines are always doing well even in a bearish market.

Even when you take social media platforms, the first thing that we usually tend to do when we visit someone’s profile is check their pictures out even before we check the ‘about them’ section. Only if the pictures or their videos are exciting enough for us do we care about what they do or where they are from. Everybody’s social media presence is heavily dependent on how exciting or boring their gallery is. Thus, all of us are constantly trying to make our virtual lives look much more interesting than it actually is; which is the reason behind so many photo and video app.

To aid this need is another video app, with a difference. No, it’s  not just another run-of-the-mill video-making app that promises big things but always falls short. It is RouteShoot Video and GPS. Record your walking, running, cycling, driving, sailing, or skiing trips with a video and GPS track, as well as statistics such as speed and elevation.

RouteShoot creates location based video allowing anyone to capture where they were and what they saw. Imagine having the power to produce your own personal street view that you can share with family and friends using just your smart phone, and the flexibility of having this all in an easy to use app means that it can be used in any situation.

RouteShoot is the latest innovation in video, GPS tracking and social networking. It is a combination of the RouteShoot website and the RouteShoot Smart Phone application, which allows people to share their favorite journeys with friends, family and those with similar interests.

The social aspects of RouteShoot mean that you are able to share your journeys with friends and family on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When you upload your video you are able to set the privacy, leaving you in complete control of who can see your routes.

Whether you are a tourist on that once in a lifetime vacation, an athlete completing an incredible sporting feat or a business needing video records of its activities, RouteShoot is suitable for everyone.

– Record point of view sport and travel activities
– Enhance your travel blogs
– Show Mum and Dad how to get to your new house!
– Save your experiences, share with friends or recommend a route

For every direction life takes you – RouteShoot it!

– Share videos with the world via the most widely used social media websites
– Every video is automatically saved when you stop recording
– Preview your videos and GPS routes before you share
– Extensive control of user settings
– Integrated video library lets you manage and keep track of saved videos.

This app gives a very different experience of shooting videos and helps make them more interesting. After all, who does not like a point of view!


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