Shoemocracy – Democracy for Your Shoes

Shoemocracy – Democracy for Your Shoes

Democracy is as an idealogy of the free world that is most beloved by those who cherish freedom and liberty and the ability to choose their own paths. You would be pleased to know that the Android world has extended this philosophy in an innovative new way by giving you the ability to walk your chosen path in style and comfort. In case you’re still confused, we’re talking about a one-of-a-kind app for shoes that recently hit Google Play Store named Shoemocracy.

The Shoemocracy Android app is an app designed to showcase the coolest collection of shoes in the market for the convenience of all shoe lovers looking for the next best footwear to add to their collection. An ardent shopper loves to buy everything, but further categorizing their idiosyncrasies a large number of these shoppers are crazy about shoes and are lost without a guiding influence to help them buy. This is where the Shoemocracy app fills the gap by giving you a shoe app that is supported by a global community of shoes lovers just like yourself.

Shoemocracy is an app that extends the experience to the world of people on a global level. What every major social platform online lacks is exclusivity. This may be in terms of the respective particular features it offers aligned with the core product. And this is the time we can now hail – “Shoemocracy” to solve our woes.

Shoemocracy followers

Shoemocracy is essentially a platform for the world of shoe lovers who come together and share what they have or want to have.

These may be shoes, heels, Sneakers, Heels, oxfords, Sandals, formal shoes, sport shoes, running wear, loafers, flats, heels, wedges etc.

You first create your profile or sync it with your Facebook profile.

Your profile photo here isn’t a photo that predominantly shows how you look but how the shoes in your feet look.

This is your place to show off the coolest shoes you just bought to make the world of other people jealous and probably share it with a friend or two as well.

The entire social concept of Shoemocracy depends on following people and having them follow you back. The more you upload cool pictures of the greatest footwear you own the more you get followed.

And the more cool people with great shoes you follow they probably follow you back too to see what’s on your feet.

The layout of the app is simple. On logging in, you will see:Democracy for Your Shoes

  • Your profile picture
  • Your location
  • The number of shoes you have shared with the community till date.
  • Options to follow many more people

Below that, you have a huge list of pictures that present to you the shoes of all the people you follow to see what’s hot in the shoe world.

You also have the following 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen

  • Shoes
  • Feeds
  • Snaps
  • Statistics
  • Account

The Shoes tab gives you a list of all the shoes of everyone you follow.

Feeds include what’s new in the Shoemocracy world and who has been wearing what for different occasions? You can like and comment on the shoes and you can see the brand of the shoe as well. The come under the ‘Popular’ Category in Feeds.

In the Following category you see strips of your whom you follow and their latest uploads all in a line.

The Snap category allows you to directly take a snap through the app and upload it onto Shoemocracy.

The Statistics tabs gives you the numbers on shoes uploaded by you, total likes on your shoes, your number of followers and the people you follow along with the total number of comments on your uploads.

And that’s Shoemocracy for you – a state-of-the-art Android app for shoe lovers around the world. That is absolutely free of cost. So go ahead and download it today!

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