Sky Safari – Get Ready For a Visual Voyage Into Infinity and Beyond

Sky Safari – Get Ready For a Visual Voyage Into Infinity and Beyond

The importance of science as a subject is tremendous in a child’s formative and adult years, and parents are eager to motivate their children to invest their time in learning a multitude of fascinating scientific concepts. Today, through the new age learning interactive models of working are coming to the fore and the Android platform will be no exception in this game play of taking tech to the next level.

Sky Safari is an Android app designed for the young astronomy enthusiasts and galactic sci-fi lovers who can’t get enough of the jaw-dropping visuals and knowledge of the stars above. Who knows…your child may even fast-track his career in NASA with apps like this on the horizon!sky safari 1

The Sky Safari Android app has a large database of over 46,000 stars in addition to 220 of the best-known star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies in the sky. The app displays the entire Solar System’s major planets and moons using NASA spacecraft imagery, and includes the best-known asteroids and comets.

All of these are presented to you on your screen where in you can research all about them at your disposal.

The search bar that is available at the bottom will give you a huge list of items through which you can search from and figure out what the start you wanted to know about has always meant.

The Info tab will give you a list of available parameters about the respective star, moon, constellation or the celestial body that is in play.

This includes the basic information with the name, description, visual magnitude, apparent size, distance, etc.

You then have the visibility category that reflects how clearly the object in space is visible to you.

It also displays the celestial co-ordinates and for those of you who do understand the scientific terms, it will be easier to figure out the details.

You can see the position of the relevant stars to the day today, yesterday or even way back in time.  This could be viewed as per in seconds, Minutes, hours etc.

Diagrammatic representations of the app will show you the images and pictures with well neatly labelled objects so that you can learn straight out of your tablet or devices.

Once you are done with the images, the Sky Safari Android app will allow you to get a list view of all the details you need so that it gives you the feel of reading an article.

sky safari 2You also get to see a direct space view that gives you a feel of the moon and stars with labelled constellations.

You can use a compass to see the exact coordinates and other related points on the map

You can even check the time on the area of the celestial body and zoom in using the telescope option to get a clearer look of the transcending being beyond us.

The only disadvantage that the Sky Safari Android app comes with is the demanding size that happens to be a brow-raising 57 MB! But the fact that the size is so large on a data app shows the level of data and detailing within it that has gone in to creating this wonderful educational tool for kids and adults alike.

With Android compatibility on versions 2.2 and above, Sky Safari is as close as a Star Trek voyage into the skies as you could possibly get in your lifetime.

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