Smart Tools – The Swiss Knife of the Android App World

Smart Tools – The Swiss Knife of the Android App World

Smart Tools is an app that offers the ultimate compilation of 5 super-useful Android tools that are tailor made for the quintessential nerd who is constantly making geometric assessments of things around him to improve his perception of the world. Well, Smart Tools is a series of tools for your Android device that are handy not only for the nerdy, but also for worldwide travelers, mathematicians, architects, and a host of other popular professions. These app tools will barely take up any space on your device and give you a detailed analysis of your location, extent, boundaries, distance, etc.

Let’s get right to it and find out more about the 5 tools that make up the Smart Tools app.

  • Smart Measure
  • Smart Meter
  • Smart Compass
  • Smart Ruler
  • Smart Light

Smart Measure

As the name suggests, this app measures your distance from a pre-defined location or a location specified by the user. Switch on your camera and point it towards the object of whose distance you want to measure. In addition to height distance, it also allows you to measure width and measures your distance from a pre-defined location

And for those of you who always wondered what the use of studying Trigonometry was, well this app uses exactly that to give you accurate details of the above parameters. If the data is inaccurate, the sensors may be configured incorrectly. The user simply has to read the app instructions which will guide him/her to obtaining the accurate details.

This app is available without the whole package as well and the pro (paid) version includes

–  No ads
– Virtual Horizon

–  Camera Zoom
– Width and Area Measurement
– Portrait mode


Smart Meter

 Another highly ingenious app in the set of 5. This app is developed to measure sound pressure level. It uses the microphone within our devices to measure the sound around us but obviously there are restraints.

app is developed to measure sound pressure levelOur phones are designed to assist the human ear, which is about 300-400 Hz/40-60 dB and thus sounds above 100+ dB cannot be tracked by the app. In addition the following phones have limited hearing up to:

Moto Droid (max.100)

Galaxy S3 (81dB)

Galaxy Note (91dB)

Galaxy S2 (98dB)

The separate app in the pro version includes the following:

– Line-chart duration
– Sound Meter and Vibrometer
– No ads

– Level notification
– More models are calibrated
– Statistic menu and Save log data


Smart Compass

 East, West, North or South this app tells you the exact direction. It uses the magnetic sensors within the phone to detect the direction. A few things to notice are:

  • The heading is fixed no matter what mode you use it in. (landscape or portrait)app tells you the exact direction
  • Camera’s view is used for reality.
  • Metal Detector (magnetic field) is included to verify the sensors.

The compass tool works solely on the working of your device and the performance of its magnetic sensors are a result of the smooth functioning of your Android phone or tablet. To prevent inaccurate data, ensure that your phone is not being affected by external magnetic censors. Also note the sensors get weakened after a period of time.

Like the others in the series, the pro version of the single app include the below features:

– Military Coordinate (MGRS, mil unit)
– Full metal detector
– Sending GPS information via SMS and Email
– True north
– Various Coordinate Types (UTM)
– Vertical line for a Lenses Compass
– No ads


Smart Ruler

The Smart Ruler app is relatively the simplest of the lot and has an extremely user friendly interface. It works on the principle of touch which is built into your Android devices during their development stage itself. Smart Ruler is used to measure length of objects but in an unconventional style. A regular physical ruler goes to the object of measurement as against the object coming to the ruler (Android device) in this case.

Smart Ruler is used to measure length of objectsThe user simply places the object to be measured onto the screen.

He then places and adjusts the position of the object from the left of the screen making sure that it is aligned correctly from the right hand side as well.

And then simply touch the screen and it gives you the measurement of the object. The object whose length is to be measured is obviously restricted to the length of the device.

In the pro version of the app which is the paid version the following additions are provided for.

– Surface level

– ProtractorⅢ

– Ruler Extension

– Calliper mode
– Multi-Touch mode
– Architectural and Engineering Scales
– Various Tilt units

The paid version as you can see consists of a large number of useful features and is a great utility for everyone.


Smart Light

  This is an extremely handy app especially when you are travelling as this combines two major features of a flash light and a magnifier.

This again is a very humble app in itself and has only 3 key features which is why it is at an very low cost. Its three major features are:use your Android smartphone as a torch through this app

LED Device – With the help of the camera LED on your Android device, you can use your Android smartphone as a torch through this app.

Screen Light – Through the app you can convert your screen into a great device to throw out light which can help the user easily navigate his/her way through the dark.

LED Widget – In addition to the already existing widgets on your screen, you can create a flash light widget and customize it through the app.

You can also use this as a magnifier. The app turns your phone into a magnifying glass and enables screen shots and screen freezes.

It also combines the Camera zoom and digital zoom providing a zoom of up to 5x times.

A very handy set of features this, can help you on a road trip, a field trip or simple camping out into the wilderness as well.


So there you have it. A perfect amalgamation of 5 mini apps into one toolkit for your Android device that will make you never want to pack any hefty and delicate measurement instruments for your work or studies ever again.

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