SuperBetter – For Times When Everything Goes Superbad

SuperBetter – For Times When Everything Goes Superbad

There are times when everything in life is just not right. You have a fight with your best friend, you boss is being unnecessarily mean to you, you just went through a break up, you are the butt of every joke at family events. To add to the misery, you have gained a lot of weight, you feel lazy all the time, you are not being able to tackle challenges and are not being able to reach your goals in life. Basically, everything is going super bad.

Well, you will have to hang in there and help yourself for the first half of the things. Do not lose all hope yet. There is a savior for the second lot of things that are going wrong. It is a little something, an app – yes, I know you knew, called SuperBetter. It is not a game. It is just an awesome tool created by game designers who take the best of games and apply it to your real life so you can get stronger, happier, and healthier.

You must use it because it makes you:

• Feel stronger every day
• Change what is not working
• Tackle a tough challenge
• Reach your goals
• Get more support, and support others
• Have more fun and live with meaning

SuperBetter is known to produces powerful emotions and social relationships that can really change lives, and potentially even change the world. You do not believe it? But CNN does and I know you believe CNN!

No, that is not all; it has a lot of features to offer:

• Tackle real-life challenges with customized Quests
• Boost your health and mood with Power-Ups
• Identify Bad Guys that are holding you back
• Join forces with your friends and Allies
• Get advice from over 25 expert-created Power Packs
• Learn the cutting-edge science behind making changes that work

SuperBetter builds personal resilience: the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of a tough challenge. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And all of us can keep going without being afraid with SuperBetter.

This is not all that this app has to offer. It is smart. You can choose from over 25 Power Packs created by experts to help you with your challenges and goals, or design your own adventure for any area of life where you want to get stronger or feel better. SuperBetter was invented by game designers and created with guidance from doctors, psychologists, scientists, and medical researchers.

Their advisors and collaborators include MDs and PhDs at:

• Stanford University
• UC Berkeley
• University of Pennsylvania
• Ohio State University Medical Research Center

Gone are the days of low self esteem and doubt. It is only human to have bad days and feel low, but with this app, we can make that feeling an alien sensation to us. With SuperBetter, every aspect of our life can become super better!


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