Track Your Daily Time Spent With Chronos For Android

Track Your Daily Time Spent With Chronos For Android

Although the NSA snooping scandals may have you on your toes about online privacy, here’s one hell of a stalker app for Android users that you wouldn’t at all mind being stalked by. In fact, it adds so much value to your smartphone usage that you may just land up relying on it on a daily basis. As kids, quite a few of us had an obsession with penning down things we did and every single one of our thoughts poured on to little post-it notes, scrapbooks and diaries.

chronos 1Today, the only difference between the old days and the present is that the piece of paper has been converted into a digital screen, and with the magnificent world of apps available at the click of a button, saving and catching up with important data has become a piece of cake. These apps not only let you put down things like you did on paper before, but also tell you a lot more about the minutes of your life. And this is exactly what the Chronos Data Collector app for the Android platform promises to do.

Chronos Data Collector literally collects your data and all you have to do is let it run in the background!

Once you downloaded the Chronos Data Collector app, all you have to do is create an account and sign in to get started. You then log on to and sync your profile to the app.


You can log in through Facebook where it can know more about your friends. This also allows you to enjoy the full functionality of the app and extend its relevance beyond your little world.


Now the Chronos Data Collector app is designed to be smart and tracks down everything that you do. This could mean taking note of your activities like:

  • Time spent at homechronos 2
  • Time at work
  • Time in Transit
  • Time spent exercising
  • Time running the daily errands
  • Time spent with family

Basically, time spent monitoring you doing everything that you do.

The best part about the Chronos Data Collector app is the level of privacy that it maintains. It understands the fact that it is your personal diary and also has access to all your friends and thus knows when to keep shut. Overall, this data tracking app is a fantastic tool to track, analyze and optimize your day-to-day activities and improve your life. So go ahead, download it from Google Play Store today for free!

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