Trulia – Find Your Dream Home At Bargain Prices

Trulia – Find Your Dream Home At Bargain Prices

Imagine having moved into a new town and have absolutely no idea of what is where. You’re in a fix and run helter-skelter. Even when you’re about to move into a new city finding the best place to stay is quite an enduring and mentally exhausting task. So what do you do when you find yourself stranded and tired hunting for the ideal living space for you? Well, this is exactly the Trulia app for Android is designed to do to put all your house-hunting stress aside once and for all. The core function of the Trulia app is to utilize a topnotch real estate search engine that finds you the best homes in the quickest of times. It also finds houses that are on rent and easy to locate so that you have no running around to do.

Taking you right into the app the user must first define the objective and the location with every parameter well known in advance. He then moves on to do the search

The technology used within the Trulia app combines GPS and Google’s 3D map technology to give you an interactive display of the map. Through this map, you can touch the screen and change the view of the location on the map you are looking for a place in.

The user can search using 1 of the 3 parameters

  • Places for sale
  • Places on rent
  • Sold apartments

Find places for sale

In the places for ‘sale’ category the user must specify exactly what all he wants. He can specify:

  • The price range
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The Number of baths
  • Square foot range
  • Listing types
  • Lot size
  • Open houses
  • Houses on which prices are reduced only.
  • Estimates
  • The year in which you want the place to have been built.

It then gives up the results with the original maps in the background. You can either save these searches or list them.

On selecting the app you can see whether it is for sale or not. In addition it displays a whole load of other relative details which help you to make the best decision. These include:Find Your Dream Home At Bargain Prices

  • The description.
  • Price
  • The contact person
  • Real estate agent
  • The open house date
  • The home facts including the details of the parameters initially asked.

You can also turn the phone sideways and take a look at the photos which are detailed with the features and furnishing. It also provides high resolution images wherever possible. This enables you to figure out whether the house is worth a visit or not.

Do remember at each stage Trulia lets the user share the data collected and found through various social channels be it Facebook, Twitter etc.

To narrow the search filters all the more the user can also see the following detailed features.

  • Map type
  • Traffic
  • Crime rate
  • Schools
  • Amenities
  • Boundaries
  • Gas stations nearby

All these are available in two map views be it a sky view or 3D view which gives outputs as though you are right there.

Once you find the right place click on it and you’re taken straight right into it. You can also star mark the house for later viewing in case you are unable to buy the house right at that moment.

Dream Home At Bargain Prices

You can directly contact the agent via mail as well or save his contacts for later viewing.

You can set reminders for houses and they can tell you when the prices have dropped as well so as to match your budget.

So what are you waiting for? Want to find a dream home for your family you have always been looking for at great prices? Then Trulia is an app that is truly a match made in heaven for your Android device. Download the app today and make your life easier!

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