6 Awesome Advantages of Rooting Your Android Device

6 Awesome Advantages of Rooting Your Android Device

You have your Android smart phone with you and feel you have the best device that you can now enjoy. But you read about a process called ‘rooting’ and how it can transform that device into something much better and you wonder if you should go down that route.

Well you may provided you can accord a certain degree of commitment, are a bit tech savvy and are willing to take the risk of your device hanging up on you, which would in turn deprive you of the warranty benefits as well.

So Should You Root Your Android?

The answer is a big yes; however let us first understand the rooting process and what it entails.

Rooting as the name suggests means getting to the root of your device so that you are able to then carry out various tweaks that are otherwise impossible. When you get your packed device, you have to go by the instruction manual and cannot alter any of the settings. Rooting helps you gain access to the system just like the manufacturer of that device and you can then modify the software as per your requirements.

The advantages you can avail of when you succeed in rooting your device are as under:

  1. You can get to use many of the apps that are available on the Google Play Store but cannot be accessed or used by your normal device. Depending on your interests and requirements, you can download them and start using them for free or by paying the nominal costs for them.
  2. Rooting enables you to get the latest OS updates the moment they are released by Google. Not only that, you can even get bonuses that you would have otherwise not got. The installation process is easy and quick.
  3. You can get rid of the software skins that are provided by default and get the ones you like that are light, clean and functional. Many of the default skins tend to be bulky and only serve to promote the manufacturer interests.
  4. You can also get rid of the many superfluous apps that come along with OEM skins. Many of them are stuff you will never use but cannot do much about removing them totally. They occupy space and do not give you stock Android experience. Rooting enables you to get rid of them fully.
  5. Rooting helps you boost battery power tremendously and the irritating chore of charging your device on a daily basis can be put off by many hours. You can also change CPU speeds to suit the games you are playing without consuming too much power. Your device would also not consume power when the screen is off thereby conserving battery consumption even further.
  6. If you are an audiophile, you can install excellent audio software that has various other customizations to enjoy your music. Some of them only work on rooted devices.

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