Android Rooting Tips and Tricks That Could Save Your Phone’s Life

Android Rooting Tips and Tricks That Could Save Your Phone’s Life

Android rooting is a complicated process that requires hours of work and puts the life of your phone in danger. In spite of that fact, millions of people root their Android smartphones and tablets every year.

Some people manually download rooting scripts and run them on their device, while others are happy to pay a few dollars for Android rooting software that automatically does the job for them (note: this method absolutely does not take “hours of work”)

But no matter which option you choose, here are a few rooting tips and tricks that will ensure the root goes as smoothly as possible without putting the life of your phone in danger.

Always do a backup

This tip is more important for those who are manually rooting Android. Always do a backup. Anytime you’re rooting your phone (or messing around with it in ANY way) there is a chance that you could lose it all.

Performing a backup is easy thanks to the thousands of Android backup apps currently available on the Google Play Store. Check out Helium (also known as Carbon) which offers free backups to your computer. If your phone destroys itself in the rooting process, you can relax knowing that a backup and restore is only a few clicks always.

free backups to your computer.

Be aware that there are significant regional differences between phones

Hey, my friend in Russia was able to root his Galaxy S4. That must mean I will be able to as well, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true. There are plenty of different phone versions in the world, and the North American versions are often slightly different from their international counterparts.

Installing software designed to root AT&T Androids in the United States, for example, will probably mess up your UK Android. Always check to make sure your specific device make and model is compatible with a rooting method or software before you attempt anything crazy.

Understand basic Android rooting terms

Before Android, most people thought ‘rooting’ was something you do when you plant a tree. That’s completely understandable. In fact, Android rooting comes with an entirely new set of lingo and vocabulary, and it’s a good idea to learn these terms before you get too deep into the rooting process.

Check out the list of FAQs at this One Click Root page to get a better idea of some of the terms you should learn.

Donate to the devs

Android developers do a lot of hard work tweaking Android to its full potential and they usually do it for free. If you see an Android developer toiling away at a project, answering users’ questions, and generally being a good person, consider donating money to the cause. You were just going to spend that $5 on beer anyway.

Install a custom ROM

easy as using software like One Click Root

One of the best parts about rooting Android is being able to install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are new Android ‘skins’ that go over the Android operating system. Most ROMs completely change the user interface, making users feel like they just bought a new phone.

Installing a custom ROM sounds like it would be tough, right? Wrong! Installing a custom ROM is nearly as easy as using software like One Click Root. All you have to do is:

-Download and install ClockWork Mod Recovery

-Download Custom ROM .zip files from anywhere on the internet

-Copy that .zip file onto your phone and use the software to flash that ROM onto your phone

It may sound complicated, but it isn’t. And it gives your Android a whole new appearance. It’s worth the 5 minutes it takes to install a new custom ROM.

One Click Root: an easier solution

Remember all the things I told you above about backing up your Android, unlocking the bootloader, and running scripts on your Android?

Well, One Click Root users can forget about all of that. One Click Root walks users through the entire rooting process. Seriously – you could be the worst computer user in the world, capable of only checking your email, and you wouldn’t have much trouble using One Click Root.

Ready to see what all the fuss is about? Check out One Click Root today by clicking here

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