Why Root?

Why Root?

Android devices are no doubt one of the best if not the very best kind of devices available in the market today. Ranging from Smartphones to Tablets, there’s almost everything within these amazing devices for every gender and age. Brimming to the top with features and function, these little guys pack up quite a wallop to everyone’s fancy.
Although some of us might not know it, these already great devices still has much to offer. So much more that unlocking these hidden potentials could give us a greater Android experience. So how do we unbound these capbilities within our Android Devices? The simple answer is by Rooting, Android Rooting has been around for awhile now, yet some of us are still oblivious to the wonders it can unveil. Some of us heard about rooting but don’t exactly know how it works and and some are afraid to use it. What exactly is rooting? Well, let’s go find out!

Rooting by definition is the process which allows Android users may it be Smartphones, Tablets and other devices receive “root access” which allows them to gain permission over operations inaccessible to non-rooted Android users. By gaining root access, Android users gain control over advanced operation which includes modifying system files, un-installing pre-installed apps, low-level hardware access and more. Because of this, Rooted Android users can unlock the device’s full capacity overcoming the limitations set by the device’s respective manufacturers.

Rooting your Android Device gives you a plethora of previously unavailable features. One of these feature is installing incompatible applications to your device. Next, rooting gives you power to install custom ROMs which will in turn give you great options to fully customise your Android experience such as tweaking the display, fonts and even skin for your Android Device. Rooting also allows you to force move apps from your internal storage to your external SD card and also lets you remove pre-installed apps in your device, freeing much of your precious internal storage space. Another thing you can do with a rooted device is CPU Clocking. CPU Clocking allows you to overclock (increasing processor speed) your device giving it better performance especially when you are into heavy gaming. CPU Clocking also allows you to underclock (decreasing processor speed) your device to give it a major boost in battery life. Rooting your Android device also allows you to block Ads from the apps and games you use, meaning no more interruptions. Perhaps one of the best things rooting can give you is the capability to install root-only apps in your device. There are lots of these apps and one of the best there is Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup lets you back-up your whole handset giving you a safety net if there will ever be such an event as booting failure or a critical error in yor device.

There are much, much more great stuff Rooting can can offer you. Once you root your Android Device, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new level of the Android experience! So if you want to root your device, why not root it with One Click Root? It’s the simplest and safest way to root out there!


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