Games Alert: New PUBG Subscription gives you goodies, new Clash of Clans Seasonal Challenges

Games Alert: New PUBG Subscription gives you goodies, new Clash of Clans Seasonal Challenges

Even though it’s the April Fools season, Supercell and Tencent Games weren’t joking when they announced the good news to all their die-hard fans. The two developers are launching cool surprises that should benefit every PUBG and Clash of Clans addict. Here are the updates of the two most popular games on Android:

PUBG Mobile’s new subscriptions

Tencent Games announced on Twitter two new in-game subscription model for PUBG Mobile – Prime and Prime Plus. When subscribed to each tier, players will get an assortment of goodies every month.

Prime players can buy items with Battle Points and get five Unknown Coins each day which means players will get a total of 150 Unknown Coins by month’s end. The Prime subscription costs $0.99 each month.

Prime Plus, as the name suggests, features even more goodies. More than the benefit of buying items with Battle Points, Prime Plus lets players get 20 Unknown Coins each day for a total of 600 by month’s end, 10 RP points each day, daily discounts on different items, and 50 percent off the first Classic Crate lottery every day. Prime Plus subscribers also get immediate benefits, including 300 Unknown Coins. Talk about advantage.

The Prime Plus subscription costs $9.99 each month. The better news is Tencent is currently offering 50 percent off the first month of a Prime Plus subscription, which brings the price down to $4.99.

There is a price discrepancy between the iOS and Android versions. There is also a discrepancy with the discounted first month for Prime Plus subscribers. The said price discrepancy, however, varies in different countries.

Clash of Clans new Seasonal Challenges

Supercell, alongside its April update, announced a new season pass-style feature for Clash of Clans called Seasonal Challenges.

Seasonal Challenges claims to allow players to participate in daily and monthly challenges to earn extra rewards. There are several daily challenges which refresh each day, and 24 monthly challenges which are unlocked at a rate of six per week. This will run until the month’s end.

Everyone can participate in the new feature. If you want an extra advantage, you can purchase the Gold season pass to gain access to the most exciting goodies on offer. The Silver Seasonal Challenge tier is free, but access to the premium gold tier requires a Gold season pass costing $4.99 (or the equivalent of 500 in-game Gems).

Silver tier players have a total of 15 rewards available to collect throughout the season, including magic items and potions. At the end of the season, silver players can also claim up to 5m Gold/Elixir and 50k Dark Elixir from the Season Bank.

Gold pass players can claim 30 rewards, including magic items, a 20 percent boosts for building, research, and troop training speeds, as well as up to 25m Gold/Elixir, and 250k Dark Elixir at the end of the season. Additionally, players will have access to an exclusive new Hero Skin every month such as the Barbarian King Skin.

There is also a new feature called the Season Bank. Throughout the month, an equal amount of any gold, elixir, and dark elixir you earn is also pooled in a deposit. The resources stored here will then be added automatically to your normal village storage once the season ends. Any resources you earn above the cap will not be stored in the Season Bank.

Season passes can be purchased any time of the month and you’ll be able to retroactively collect rewards. However, you’ll benefit from certain rewards for a longer period if you buy a pass early. Passes also don’t automatically renew. You’ll have to buy a new one each month if you want the golden access.

What are you waiting for? They say money can’t buy everything, but it can buy you some PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans advantage. Prove the saying wrong.






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