How to Become a Superuser with Super Powers

How to Become a Superuser with Super Powers

Do you know you can do more on your phone than just a regular phone? Yes, you can indeed! Rooting for Androids and jailbreaking for iOS. Both offer a door to unlimited powers and endless possibilities and so much potential for your devices. On the other ends, it also voids your warranty, and worst might leave your phone completely useless dead.

Smart manufacturers and carriers have secured the interest to discourage you from rooting- if rooting is not done properly, definitely it can damage your device and could be irreparable. However, the benefits are essentially worth it.  With a rooted device, you can get rid of bloatware, customize the appearance of your devices’ software, and even speed up the processor.

Some device can be rooted in just a few minutes and there are some that can take hours to be rooted.  But what’s so clear, is that rooting is the best way to tap into your device’s true potential.

What is rooting or jailbreaking?

Basically, rooting Android is technically equivalent to jailbreaking iOS. Both simply means the same- digging deeper into your device’s sub-system. It allows you to access the core system and the entire operating system to customize everything to get rid of the restrictions the manufacturers and carriers have set.

But remember, rooting should be done with caution. You might need to back up your device prior to proceeding to the rooting process.

Why would you root or jailbreak your device?

Why would you cross the line in between when you know what’s on the other side? Would you risk? But just know, there’s so much potential hidden in your device where you can benefit above all.  One of the many incentives to jailbreak or root your device is to get rid of the bloatware that’s almost impossible to remove otherwise.  It can also enable the previously disabled settings such as tethering.  Moreover, a rooted or jailbroken device will be able to specialized tools and exclusive applications, flash custom ROMs, and even speed up processor and enhance your device’s performance. Though there aren’t many must-have root apps available in the market but are enough to make it worthwhile.

The downside of rooting

As good as it may be to your device, it also has potential cons to Android rooting or iPhone jailbreaking.

  1. It avoids the warranty. Most of the carriers and manufacturers void the warranty if you are to root or jailbreak your device, so it’s always good to note that it can or may unroot anytime.
  2. It bricks your device. I didn’t say rooting is for everyone. Because it isn’t.  Some device may only take a few minutes while others take hours and some research. Also, always keep in mind that a single mistake leads to irreparable damage to your device. So, the best way to prevent this from happening to your device, carefully and meticulously follow instructions. Make sure to follow only the up to date Do-it-yourself rooting guide.
  3. Risks in security.  Not only rooting opens the door to limitless potentials and endless possibilities, but also opens the door to potential risks. You simply create the security vulnerability.

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