Snapseed – the ‘new Instagram’ – on its way to Android

Snapseed – the ‘new Instagram’ – on its way to Android

A few months ago, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. A few weeks ago, Google acquired its own photo editing company – Snapseed.

It was unknown how soon a Snapseed app could appear on Android, but a recent picture taken by a Google employee suggests that Snapseed for Android is very close. Here’s that picture:


In case you missed it, that red box highlights that the picture was taken with ‘Snapseed’, which means that there is a working version of the Snapseed app for Android devices (we’re assuming that Google’s employees don’t use iPhones).

Why should you be excited about this? Here are a few cool features of Snapseed:

-Filter images to give them a vintage, grunge, or dramatic appearance

-Tilt shift feature to take compressed depth of field shots with miniature objects to make them look real

-Sharpening tools

-Crop, rotate, and straighten photos

-Center focus photos

So yeah, it’s basically Instagram. Look for a Snapseed app to be released for Android very soon.

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