To Root Or Not To Root – The Dilemma of Android Users

To Root Or Not To Root – The Dilemma of Android Users

Once you are aware of the process of rooting and the advantages you can get out of it, the decision of whether you need to go ahead with it or not can be a perplexing one. It all depends on what you seek out of it and how you intend to make use of the various benefits associated with it. A lot also depends on how tech savvy you are and if you are okay with the risk of voiding your device warranty at the end of the process.

The Various Apps Make It Worthwhile

It needs to be mentioned that some of the apps you can get to use when you root your device such as the Greenify, Lightflow or the StickMount by themselves make the effort worthwhile. The exhilarating freedom and flexibility you acquire by becoming the administrator of your handset system has to be experienced to be appreciated. There are other significant gains you can enjoy out of this process but only if you can do it right.

Some of the devices like the Google Nexus range are relatively simpler to root. But other brands are not so kind and you may end up bricking your device and that can be heart breaking. The manufacturer is not going to bail you out and you can kiss goodbye to the device. But if you are careful, take the required backups and are willing to put in the effort, you can make a success of it. Having knowledge of Linux commands or the willingness to learn them can be very handy indeed.

The risk is there but if you know your way around, you can get back to stock Android status without damage to your phone quite easily. Undoing something that you should not have done is possible but it all depends on the extent you have messed up as some actions may be irreversible.

Customizations Galore When You Root

Android is a very flexible platform as it is but with rooting, you are able to do even more with it. You can change the whole spectrum of skins, launchers, keyboard, the lock screen and many more. You would be able to add mods and carry out settings changes to have the phone just the way you want it to be. Some of the irritating and space guzzling apps or logo of brands can be done away with and you can significantly boost battery performance as well.

The extent of rooting you wish to carry out with a definite outcome you have in mind will decide whether you should go for it or not. If the changes you seek are minor and cosmetic, do not attempt it as the reward-ratio to effort put in may not be in your favor. Understand the process and the benefits you can personally get out of it before venturing to root your device. The rooting process is truly a personal decision for each user and is directly proportional to the extent of personalization he or she wants to enjoy.

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