Software is Better than Hardware

Software is Better than Hardware

Almost all Android Phones released this year already includes AI in its software. We could say the same thing for hardware. This generation has the smallest and fastest phone processors. However, there is an arguable gray area where users must ask themselves when choosing a phone: “Do I pick the better software with poor hardware, or excellent hardware but weak software?”

Although there are phones that cater both, they can be very expensive. Especially for mid-price Android users. To help one decide, below are the pros and cons of the imbalance in software and hardware.


With regards to overheating, we can immediately conclude that a flashy hardware would be better despite the bad software. However, what truly happens is the hardware is dependent on the software. In fact, the hardware wouldn’t even function if there is no software giving it commands.

So, even you have the fastest and most advanced hardware in the world, if it is not supported by a good software, it is utterly useless.

Going back to the overheating, it is the software’s responsibility to detect if your phone is already too hot. It will either notify the user or kill the app that’s causing the heavy load. However, if the software is weak and cannot detect this kind of problem, then you can just let your phone burn.


There are times that your phone freezes despite not doing anything. You’ll be suddenly surprised that your phone is no longer functioning after pulling them out from the pocket. This is usually caused by too much background process, or you might’ve installed an unstable and incompatible app.

An excellent software would kill other unnecessary apps running in the background or prompt the user of compatibility problems. If the software cannot handle this nightmare, you might’ve to remove the battery that may lead to more damage, or worse, do a hard reset.


A good software makes a good phone, thus making life easier. If your phone has the ability to remind you of your daily tasks or future schedules, then you truly have a “smart” phone. The AIs today can even help you navigate around your phone, check for the weather, and even control your home appliance.


Most people would agree that software is more expensive than hardware because it includes intellectual property. But, this case is not applicable to Android phones because the competition is really strong and phone manufacturers are pretty much using the same software, literally all of them. This is also true for hardware.

It is the company’s discretion whether they would partner with other companies and buy their technology or develop their own. The latter is more expensive and may take some time. That’s the reason why we’re only using the same technology with just different brands. So, when it comes to deciding, better choose who’s got the better software, or AI support on that matter.

Both hardware and software are required to create a smartphone. However, it is still better to have a reliable and high-functioning software and settle for average hardware.

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