GameBench is the World’s Only Uncheatable Android Benchmark App

GameBench is the World’s Only Uncheatable Android Benchmark App

Earlier this year, a bunch of Android manufacturers were found to be manipulating Android benchmark tests.

Samsung was the first to be discovered, but after further research, it seemed like just about every Android manufacturer was guilty in some way or another.

Call it smart business practice or call it cheating, but whatever you call it: it’s clear to see that we can’t simply trust benchmark tests anymore.

Unless, of course, that benchmark is GameBench, which appears to be the world’s first uncheatable Android benchmark test.

GameBench is a new startup company that wants to measure real world performance on Android devices while making it impossible for manufacturers to cheat.

cheating android

Here’s how GameBench plans to do it:

-GameBench will measure Android performance using real world games, not synthetic tests

-Over 70% of Android revenue comes from games, which is why GameBench is trying to simulate real-world usage by measuring gaming performance

-GameBench will run multiple games from different genres, including puzzle games, first-person-shooters, and racing games

-GameBench’s list of chosen games is secret

-Devices are tested individually with several different game testers, including casual gamers, intermediate gamers, and power gamers

-Testers will be swapped out on a regular basis to prevent industry influence

-Devices are tested as they come out of the box

-GameBench will work with app developers and manufacturers to optimize Android performance without explicitly stating which games are used

Here’s a sample of what a GameBench test looks like:

gamebench score

Based on Android games, the Galaxy S4 is about 30% more powerful than the HTC One. In other words, the Galaxy S4 is 30% better at playing games than the HTC One.

If GameBench lives up to its promise of creating an unbiased, uncheatable benchmark, then an Android’s GameBench score may be the most important benchmark to look at when comparing Android devices.

You can learn more about the GameBench problem at the official website here:

Meanwhile, the GameBench app will soon be available for download on the Google Play Store:

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