Pokemon Go Will Arrive in July 2016

Remember Pokemon Go? We all got really excited when the first trailer came out late last year, and then most of us forgot about it.

Well, at Nintendo’s recent Treehouse Live event, Shigeru Miyamoto showed off the exclusive Pokemon GO Plus device, which is the wearable part of the Pokemon Go app. More importantly, Miyamoto also announced that the device would be released no later than July.

Miyamoto is aiming to price the wearable at $35, opening the door to as many players as possible. The wearable will let you interact with the augmented reality world of Pokemon Go without constantly whipping out your smartphone.

The App Will Be Available Before the Wearable

Although Miyamoto didn’t specifically comment on the release date for the Pokemon Go app, he did say that they’re planning to release the app before they release the wearable.

So if you do some basic deduction, then that means the Pokemon Go app will be released in or before July 2016. We might even get it this month.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that hides Pokemon in the real world. You get an alert when a Pokemon is nearby and your goal is to capture as many as possible. You can pick sides and battle at local gyms and become champions of your region. There are even plans to allow you to journey to landmark locations to uncover items, tools, and Pokemon eggs.

The game itself will be free-to-play but will come with in-app purchases. The real question is: will this be pay-to-win? We’ll find out more about Pokemon Go in the very near future.

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