How to Put an End to the iPhone vs Android Debate

How to Put an End to the iPhone vs Android Debate

As most people on the internet know, there’s a huge debate – nay, a war – underway between fans of Apple and Android.

On the one side are Android fans, who claim that Androids:

-Are more customizable

-Are less expensive

-Have bigger screens

-Can download more apps

Meanwhile, Android fans decry Apple products as being expensive and built for sheep.

Apple fans respond to these accusations by saying the iPhone:

-Looks way nicer

-‘Just works’

-Has better apps

-Doesn’t have a fragmented operating system

Each side is right in their own way. You know why? Because nothing in this world is perfect, and twenty years from now when we’re reviewing the iPhone 17 versus the Samsung Galaxy 64, we’ll still be pointing out minute flaws in each device. The 3D image stabilization on the iPhone 17’s camera might be wonky, for example, or the Galaxy 64 could have trouble streaming super-HD videos from the molecular storage chip implanted in your arm.

And yes, before you accuse the One Click Root blog of being hypocritical – we’re well aware of how much we contribute to the Android versus iPhone debate. You don’t have to look very far to find an article about iPhone versus Android market share or the latest dismal news coming out of Apple HQ.

Fortunately, a funny girl named Neha Prakash from Mashable has found a way to end the Apple versus Android debate. Here’s her solution:

 iPhone vs Android Debate

Sounds pretty easy, right? Full credit for the comic goes to Neha Prakash from this article

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