Samsung Once Again Makes Fun of iPhone Users With New “Wall Huggers” Commercial

Samsung Once Again Makes Fun of iPhone Users With New “Wall Huggers” Commercial

If there’s one thing Android fanboys love to do, it’s making fun of Apple fanboys.

Whether you call them iSheep or Apple fanatics, few of us agree with their choice of smartphone.

Samsung loves trolling Apple. Sometimes, Samsung trolls Apple with its expert defense of silly patent lawsuits. In other cases, Samsung trolls Apple with funny commercials.

After the success of its “Next Big Thing” lineup of advertisements, Samsung has decided to take Apple trolling one step further with its new “Wall Huggers” commercial.

In that video, iPhone users – some with hipster beards, others in suits – are seen crowded around electrical outlets in public places. They’re seen in airports, bathrooms, and restaurants. They’re sitting on floors next to strangers waiting for their iPhones to charge. They’re crowded against walls, sitting in uncomfortable spaces, and generally looking like idiots.

Personally, I think this is just as good as the Next Big Thing videos – largely because this video could have been filmed at any airport without professional actors and I would have still believed it was true.

Of course, it’s not just iPhone users crowded around electrical outlets at airports. However, according to all the latest battery tests, Android is blowing Apple out of the water. Check out this ranking of the iPhone 5S compared to popular Android devices:

battery life

It’s not even close! Of course, if you do run out of battery, you can just swap in a charged battery and enjoy an instantly charged phone with no charging time required. You can’t even open your iPhone’s case.

Samsung users will undoubtedly rub this commercial in the face of their iPhone-using friends while their iPhone-using friends will continue not to care.

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