LocationDetector is the Pathfinding App That Could Save Your Life

LocationDetector is the Pathfinding App That Could Save Your Life

Have you ever been lost in the woods?

It’s one of the scariest feelings ever – especially when it’s starting to get darker out.

Even the most experienced outdoorsperson can get lost in the woods from time to time. And when you lose your sense of direction, you go from “good hunting day” to “scariest moment of my life” very quickly.

Anyways, your smartphone won’t help you in the woods without an internet connection.

Unless, of course, you download this new app called LocationDetector.

LocationDetector is a “full suite for travelers, fishermen and mushroom pickers”, according to the app’s creator, BaseManAndroid at the XDA Developers Forum.

location detector

What does that mean? Well, here are the app’s key features and tools:

-LocationDetector is a mapping app that can work without your internet connection

-It uses your phone’s built-in compass to get North, West, East, and South direction information

-You can save locations and use the navigation arrow to find your way to saved locations

-You can send locations via SMS and view all your locations on a map

Obviously, Google Maps can work without an internet connection, but it’s not ideal for emergency situations, nor does it work very well in backwoods areas. And of course, if you haven’t saved offline map data ahead of time, then you’re out of luck.

LocationDetector might not be the prettiest app out there, but it can help you identify your location and navigate to nearby saved locations. Next time you’re going out hunting, fishing, or “mushroom picking”, save your parking location using LocationDetector and, if you happen to get lost, you can use this app to get back.

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