Top 7 Android Apps for Students

Top 7 Android Apps for Students


Students from all over the world will need to find ways in which they will be able to organize their workflow. This includes children that are still in elementary or middle school, or older students progressing towards their college degrees. With the flexibility of mobile devices, it is possible for every student to be able to organize and complete all of their tasks in a simple, easy-to-do manner. The powerful applications that are on the Android market allow every person to be able to make the most out of their learning. The following 7 apps have been hand-picked for students.

myHomework Student Planner

Homework will be a necessity no matter what age a pupil is. With the use of myHomework, it is possible for every student to find the fast track to success. This app is able to run on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and the web. As far as features, users will be able to:

  • Plan their current schedules
  • Make use of calendar organization
  • Input homework assignments, due dates and any relevant information
  • Input current classes and any relevant notes
  • View upcoming as well as late assignments
  • Teachers using can integrate their syllabus, make announcements and even supply accompanying files to users utilizing the app
  • Sync all data effortlessly to supported devices

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Looking up words in the dictionary can be a tedious task. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary attempts to remedy this problem with their revolutionary application. Available on virtually every device, this app allows users to effortlessly look up words to enhance their essay writing or to better understand their subject matter. Features include:

  • Synonym, antonym and voice search
  • Sentence examples
  • Audio examples
  • Favorite lists to store and reference desired words

Smart Voice Recorder

Note taking can be a mundane task, but it is essential for students to master it. During a long lecture, it is not uncommon for hours of note taking to become tiresome and vital subject matter to be overlooked. Smart Voice Recorder ensures that note taking is never going to hinder a student’s process. This is done with:

  • Recording and sending of all voice captures
  • Smart recording capabilities to recognize lecture pauses
  • Save, pause, resume and cancel recording
  • Automatic microphone calibration to ensure audio is always easy to understand

Common App Mobile

Filling out college applications will be the joy of every student. Receiving an acceptance letter comes with the difficult task of first organizing every application and sending them out to the appropriate institutes for reviewing. These hardships are all a thing of the past with the use of Common App Mobile. With this application, students are able to:

  • Fill out college applications directly on their mobile devices
  • Check the current status of an application to ensure that the proper processing is taking place

Want to learn more about Common App Mobile? Read a complete review of Common App Mobile before filling out any university application.

SAT Connect

Before applying to higher learning institutes, students will need to take the dreaded SAT test. The final score of this test will dictate a student’s future and will be of the utmost importance to all colleges. Through the use of SAT Connect, it is possible to start studying for the exam in advance to achieve the highest possible score. SAT Connect enables students to:

  • Study over 800 different test questions
  • Taker 7 different tests to determine problem areas
  • Study vocabulary with the use of an integrated flashcard system
  • Review answers to problem questions and full explanations of why the correct answer is appropriate




Dropbox enables students to connect to the cloud and store all of their files with ease. The application is able to be used on mobile devices as well as laptops and personal computers. Two versions exist with a premium version offering more storage, but a free version offering more than adequate space for even the most studious of students. With Dropbox, students are able to:

  • Upload files to the cloud and access them from anywhere in the world
  • Sync documents from folders for automatic backup
  • Organize files into public and private folders
  • Provide access to documents for group assignments

Viewer for Khan Academy

Over 4,000 educational videos make up the Khan Academy catalog. Virtually every topic in the world will have educational videos where people can learn for free. The site, however, is not well organized for those that utilize Android technologies. This is what Viewer for Khan Academy has set out to do for their users. This app enables students to:

  • View Khan Academy in a more intuitive, easy to digest manner
  • The ability to mute sounds and enable captioning
  • Enhance their learning experience through the use of over 4,000 educational videos

Through the use of all these apps, students that utilize their Android devices will be able to focus more on what is important – their education – and less on organization. Finally, learning can be done in an easy, more enjoyable manner through apps.

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