This Is What a $6,600 Smartphone Looks Like

This Is What a $6,600 Smartphone Looks Like

Did you just win the lottery? Are you really bad at managing your money? Then you may be interested in this new Android smartphone that costs $6,600.

That’s right: you can now buy an Android smartphone that costs $6,600. It’s called the V’ertu Constellation (don’t forget the apostrophe!) and it features genuine “premium” leather, which is somehow different from regular genuine leather, along with a bunch of other “cool” features.

$6,600 Smartphone

You’d have to be an idiot to buy a smartphone like this. Just look at these specs:

-4.3-inch 720p display

-13MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera

-Android 4.2


-1800mAh battery

Those specs are average, right? Well, wait till you hear about the extra features included with this phone:

-Sapphire-based glass over the display

-Phone and display are strong enough to resist the impact of a 200 gram steel ball being dropped on it from a height of one meter

-Full grade 5 titanium construction chassis (since when do phones have a ‘chassis’?)

-“Handmade in England”

-A bunch of “extraordinary accessories” that come included with the device to “maximize your experience”, including a SIM card (wow, what a deal!), a calf skin leather slip case, a set of headphones, a wall charger,   micro USB cable, and a polishing cloth. So basically, the same accessories you get for free with a $100 phone.

This phone is so exclusive that we can’t even link you to its online product listing. You have to schedule an appointment to order one.

That’s right: $6,600 doesn’t even get you the latest version of Android, nor does it get you a full HD screen. Garbage!

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